Are Mannequins Sexually Suggestive?

These are mostly used to demonstrate artistic outfits by tailors and dressmakers to display or fit clothes in order to attract customers.

A Mannequin being displayed to attract customers. Internet Photo

By Gladys Nanyombi

The Mannequins are objects used as fitting display for traders mainly dealing in garments and clothing textiles, mostly used to showcase new arrivals as window sales or outdoor shops these are common in downtown or elsewhere.

These are mostly used to demonstrate artistic outfits by tailors and dress makers to display or fit clothes in order to attract customers.

However, there is a talk in some circles that traders are sexualizing them especially female mannequins in provocative clothing.

Some of the traders who see these objects argue that they simply use them as a marketing tool to attract buyers whereas others not, The Homeland Newspaper brings you the story of what people think about these display objects in town.

Mr. Robert Agaba, a trader in Kampala downtown says mannequins have been his source of income for years so he does not understand the perception that unclothed mannequins attract negative thoughts.

Mannequins displayed. Internet Photo

“I have sold mannequins for over 10 years and they have been my source of income because potential customers especially those that deal in boutique business buy these mannequins to fit on cloths to attract so I do not see any negative thought on dummies, Agaba said.

 According to him traders prefer a certain size and buiId of these models so the cost of these mannequins differs depending on the size.

“Children mannequins cost between shs100000-150000 while adult mannequins cost between 250000-500000 depending on the customer potential,” he said.

 Ms. Shakiba Nabukenya, a trader in down town who deals in sealing women cloths says mannequins drive the boutique business because if you display your product very well on the dummies, customers are easily attracted.

“The figure comes out very well and it becomes very attractive to the clients especially men because when he finds a dress well displayed on a dummy, he will be able to buy it for his wife” she said.

According to Ms. Nabukenya, some men look at these dummies in another perspective more so those that display inner wears making them to get unnecessary imaginations in their minds.

“some men come near the dummies and even touch them in admiration, they look at them from all angles, from head to toe, back to front and you wonder what he is up to”, she added.

 Mr. Joseph Ssebuya, a church leader at St. Stevens Church Kireka says, there is need for mannequins to be regulated because they have a bad effect on society and the ministry responsible should regulate their use.

The first fashion mannequins where made in France in the 1920’s by artists who produce more life and body appearance to attract buyers.

What traders say about Dummies?

Tigan Muyobo, a town dweller his think is that, “The makers of these dummies beautify them to the extent of making you admire them”

Mesearch Kayondo, a trader in down town Kampala dealing in clothing believes that, most dummies are good to showcase the product outfit but some sections of the public go ahead to admire them assign that society has been eroded of the cardinal social ,cultural values may God uphold thee……

“To me I consider dummies as display plans for my job but some men go ahead to admire them and see them as women especially when we are dressing them”. Said Kayondo

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