Chaos in Kampala downtown rises public reactions

“Let everyone support the candidate of his choice and use the means possible to solicit for favor from the public as long as he does not infringe on the rights of others”Godfrey Kibalama

Twalib Lumala NRM youth leader Kampala central

By Ssazi Shafik

Ahead of the 2021 general Elections, Kampalans have come out to asked the government to protect the rights of citizens that are continually being abused mainly by the police and politicians.

Traders working in areas of Mini Price Arcade, Namirembe arcade, Luwum street, and Nabugabo faced it rough on 24th September as they failed to operate their businesses normally following the demonstration of the supporters of Robert Kyagulanyi and President Yoweri Museveni in the central business area yesterday.

The demonstration that was marred with chaos, tension and confusion emerged at around 3 pm on the streets of Kampala when the two rival camps exchanged fists and attacked each other while fighting for space where they could each place their favorite presidential candidate’s posters.

The chaos went on for some time and it attracted more youth to join the demonstration and eventually blocked the roads causing traffic jam. This sent an alarm to police that was had to intervene and use tear gas to disperse the demonstrators.

 Police responded with teargas and live bullets to demonstrators who refused to obey the orders and were pelting stones at them.

Sources reveal that  Twaibu Lumala the NRM youth leader in Kampala provoked the NUP youths when he started  walking with president Museveni’s poster along the streets of Kampala which attracted NUP youths to copy and paste.

The NUP supporters came with big posters of Hon.Kyagulanyi while playing his songs on a big speaker that caused sound pollution and tension in the city that provoked the wrath of the police. 

As police intervened, the angry supporters of Robert Kyagulanyi started demonstrating and attacking the security force that had come to calm the situation. Homeland News visited the scene today to interact with the people on the ground and while most of them condemned the police focusing excessive force towards the native Ugandans and stressed their concern about the rights of freedom for expression and speech.

Twaibu Lumala said that although he was attacked by the NUP youths, he will continue supporting the candidate of his choice (President Museveni) despite the fact that he faces serious objections from the NUP youth.

Twaibu called upon the government to come up and protect the rights of Ugandans who are not given space to express their interest.

Gideon Kule said that police used an extra force to disperse the people. He further called upon the police to protect the people and their properties than injuring them.

Godfrey Kibalama said “Let everyone support the candidate of his choice and use the means possible to solicit for favor from the public as long as he does not infringe on the rights of others”.

However, the deputy spokes person Kampala metropolitan police Afande Luke Owoyesigyire responded and said that they had to use a reasonable force to disperse the demonstrators and a few of them were arrested on charges of obstruction.

He further said that the arrested are detained at CPS and investigations are still going on.

He called upon the public to remain calm and report any issue that is most likely to cause commotion and chaos.


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