Court Order Execution: Justice at last delivered as errant Jordan Kiwanuka finally evicted from fathers property,collapses with no help!

For one year and a half months now, City tycoon Mohan Kiwanuka has been battling for his properties which Jordan and his other relatives have been occupying for some time without remitting any money to the companies that owns the said properties that include Visa investments and many more undertakings.

Jordan Ssebuliba Kiwanuka sitting helplessly after being evicted from the Seven Trees in Kololo.
By Nasser Kasozi Akandwanaho

On Monday 23rd March errant Jordan Ssebuliba Kiwanuka collapsed after Court issued an order evicting him from properties he illegally took over from his father Dr. Mohan Kiwanuka one of the city property moguls.

After two years, Court found Jordan guilty and criminally liable of a couple of offence and fit to leave Seven Trees which he unlawfully occupied for over 10 years, he had since been refusing to obey with directives of the court and evection orders issued in 2019 by family division of the high court in makindye Kampala.

On Monday Court bailiffs beefed up with security operatives evicted Jordan Kiwanuka out of seven trees who upon seeing them fainted in dismay until now he does not exactly understand what is happening.

Accordingly The Homeland Newspaper, has since learnt that, Mzee Mohan Kiwanuka, the alleged father to Jordan ssebuliba quoted to have said he does not have an intention to evict Jordan’s mum a one Beatrice, He said that this talk was created by Jordan Kiwanuka the errant Son to create public attention and sympathy shielding the wrong things he has been inflicted onto the Business that has led to closure of Oscar Industries and other he mismanaged to ground zero.

Jordan Ssebuliba had occupied plot 21-29 along Golf Course road in Kololo and Plot 10 Akii Bua Avenue in Nakasero where he had his offices and chambers.

Genesis of the events:
For one year and a half months now, City tycoon Mohan Kiwanuka has been battling for his properties which Jordan and his other relatives have been occupying for some time without remitting any money to the companies that owns the said properties that include Visa investments and many more undertakings.  

He started by personally engaging the defiant Jordan before he handed the matter to his lawyers and finally, court.

The long awaited justice emerged in the face of the tycoon after his estranged son failed to convince four different courts and judges to his side hence miserably losing all the cases some of which he himself had filed in pursuit to throw his father out of his hard earned wealth.

Court documents available indicate that Jordan committed fraud vide forgery as well as abuse of office among a string of charges, in order to gift himself the company properties.  

He and his other siblings went to court claiming that Kiwanuka had gifted them the ‘matrimonial’ properties but had become too enfeebled to remember, judging that the old man was allegedly suffering from dementia and other illnesses.

He further prayed to court to find his father of unsound mind and instead, donate him management of all the family properties.  

Along the way, court questioned Jordan’s status under which he wanted to take over what he called marital properties yet he wasn’t a spouse to Kiwanuka. To curb this conundrum, he adjusted the plaint to add his mother. But this didn’t take long as court again found out that the same had separated with Kiwanuka in 1989.
This aside, the mother too was found to harbor a strange medical history.  
He then elected to carry out a media campaign full of vicious false stories that demeaned and defamed the old man trying to protect his business interests.

Sick and tired of the son’s disobedience, and insolence, Kiwanuka had at one point written to Jordan, assuring him how he had not a single right to claim a single property of his. Below is the letter Kiwanuka penned Jordan to spark off the two yearlong battle.

Mohan Kiwanuka writes biting letter to Jordan
I have been forced to pen this missive to you to make you understand my reasons behind the position I have taken with regard to my above properties among others. You should know me well enough by now to understand that under any other circumstances, I would not have to explain my reasons to you or anybody else for that matter.

The reasons I am doing this is because you decided to blow my decision to take back my properties out of proportion and to portray me amongst your siblings and other relatives as being inconsiderate and unreasonable, which is not true.

You will recall that you moved into the above properties without my knowledge and or permission, which no other sibling of yours has ever done.
You occupied those properties for the last ten (10) years on commercial basis generating money therefrom without any accountability and without paying rent.

You knew from the beginning that I acquired those properties as commercial investments and not charity. On several occasions, I have verbally asked you in a parental manner to make arrangements to return the properties back to me for proper management but you turned a deaf hear.

It is therefore not true that the notice from my lawyers came unexpectedly or was a surprise. You knew I needed you out of these properties many years back. I was taken aback recently when you dared to suggest to my face that I should close up and sell my factory! Jordan, I was greatly disappointed and hurt.

You cannot fathom where I have come from to achieve whatever I have achieved and for you, you have the audacity to dare to suggest that I should sell my factory because in your view, I can no longer manage to run it, was an insult to say the least.

In light of your ill-advised actions, I have come to learn how you have been trying to influence my staff behind my back to stop them from working on Saturdays and how you deducted payments from the security staff without you declaring it.

This is a direct interference with my workers and intermeddling in my work which I cannot continue to tolerate.

After your ill-fated advice or directive for the sale of my factory, you instigated people who claimed to be KCCA enforcements people to come to the factory on or about the 21st May 2019 and threatened to close the factory for unpaid dues.

Fortunately I had previously given a payment schedule to KCCA which they had accepted but their response was received at your office and [you] never forwarded to me.

There are a number of other unpleasant incidents I could mention but I hope the above gives you a sense of my feelings and the reasons behind my decision.

I gave you the best education and upbringing just like all your siblings. In return, I have not seen any particular moment where you have shown care for me, your father but only insatiable desire to grab whatever you can lay your hands on.
Execution of Court Order, Jordan Ssebuliba Kiwanuka evicted from Seven trees Kololo.

Lastly, I want you and your siblings to know that I made my investments on my own business instincts which most people could not appreciate at the time but turned out as well as I had anticipated.

I now need those properties and it will be decent of you to hand them back to me without the embarrassment of resorting to auctioneers or any other forceful methods for that matter.

By copy of this letter, my lawyers are hereby instructed to follow through my instructions to the letter.” Wrote the old man two years ago.

The African News Journal reported, The Investigator News reported the same and we are publishing the same on The Homeland Newspaper…More details coming in a special report after carefully evaluating the judgment and orders thereof.

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