Museveni boosts karooro’s Vacation aid program gives Graduates 200m Entandkwa to start up business enterprises


By:The Homeland Media Agency

Bushenyi: Graduates in vocational skills under Minister Karoro Okurut’s assistance in Bushenyi District have today in cash received money which was promised by President Museveni at their graduation last year 25thAugust 2019.

President Museveni who attended their graduation ceremony held at Bushenyi Municipality Playground last year pledged one million shillings as a starting capital to each student who finished vocational skill studies under the help of Minister Karooro Okurutu.

200 students out of 800 who graduated have received their one million shillings in cash each and the rest will also get theirs on the day which will be announced to them.

While Speaking at the function held at Bushenyi Multi-purpose hall, Saphira who represented the president Museveni urged those who received the money to use it effectively and make profits out of it.

Minister Karoro didn’t turn up for the function but sent an apology through George Tumwebaze who represented her saying that she had other official meetings to attend in kampala.

The minister also noted that the money was delayed because they were still waiting for the budget to be released.

She urged all the beneficiaries to account for the money very well and use it accordingly but not vandalizing it.


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