Rajiv Ruparelia wishes Ugandans a great festive season, as speke resort Munyonyo launches 12 days Christmas!

Tycoon Rajiv Ruparelia summed up his message by wishing everyone a great festive season and a happy new year 2021.

Tycoon Rajiv and Naiya Ruparelia wishes everyone a great festive season and a happy new year 2021.

By Nasser Kasozi Akandwanho

Rajiv Ruparelia Uganda’s young tycoon, a friend to many a son to East African richest man HE.Dr.Sudhir Ruparelia has asked Ugandans to keep peace and work toward improving their economic livelihoods and live a meaningful life.

The Director, Ruparelia Group of companies’ Rajiv Ruparelia said that, as the year comes to an end, festive season celebrations Should be a holiday where everyone should not just spend but to spend on making life happy, meditate on how to move from one level to the other make a quick reflection of what should be made to improve income-generating activity and networking is very key for one to succeed.

“We have decided to organize a 12 days Christmas festival at Munyonyo Speke resort, Kabila country club, Speke Hotel, Dolphin suits Bugoloobi, and at forest cottages to enable you to enjoy the holiday with your family,” said Rajiv.

In his message to Ugandans Rajiv said: “May the peace of God fill our hearts, our homes, and our Business and Uganda our Homeland during this festive season. If there was ever a time we needed to thank God, it is now. God has preserved us through a very difficult year, and He will continue to do so.”

“I thank God for the great friends I have around the world and I wish them a happy festive season I also ask them to be responsible while enjoying we still need each other and a lot to do for the future”. Rajiv Said.

Mr. Rajiv Ruparelia, who is also the Managing Director, of Ruparelia Group of Companies says this has been a difficult year especially for those in business and the world at large we thank the almighty God for His protection.

Rajiv said they have impacted the lives of people through the Ruparelia foundation and charity was given to the needy including preserving wildlife by naming the baby rhino [Roe Ruparelia] at Ziwa Sanctuary in Nakasongola and we hope to do even more, also prayed to God to comfort families that have lost their loved ones, and for strength for those who are still nursing their dear people.

“We pray for God’s comfort upon those families who have lost their loved ones, and healing for the sick among us and we ask God to bless our business interest so that we can give back to the society through charity and expand to develop Uganda’s economy”Rajiv Said.

Rajiv Ruparelia said this has been a year in which COVID-19 has disrupted Uganda and the entire world, killing over 1.7 million people globally and over 240 people in Uganda. 

He noted with concern, that according to the ministry of health records 32,914 people have tested positive for coronavirus in Uganda, with 10,821 recoveries recorded, he says it’s alarming but we need to protect ourselves, follow the guidelines as given by those in authority.

The youngest tycoon Rajiv Ruparelia summed up his message by wishing every everyone a great festive season and a happy new year 2021.

Rajiv asks Ugandans to pass by all Ruparelia owned hotels and enjoy the festivities with class.

“We have prepared a 12 days Christmas festive series at Munyonyo whoever is around Kampala passes by and enjoys life and nature at the lakeside all services are at a reduced price given the economic situation in the country but happiness has to manifest in people’s hearts,” said Rajiv.

…Come experience a 12 days Christmas at Munyonyo Speke resort, Speke Hotel, Kabira Country Club, Dolphin suits, Forest Cottages, and services are available and delicious foods for all classes and occasions take your family out this festive season.

Come experience a 12 days Christmas at Speke resort Munyonyo.

“Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2021!” From the Ruparelia Family


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