Police to Train Highway Patrol Officers

The leadership of police strongly condemns the scandalous acts of the officers who instead of securing the danger they rather resorted to theft actions.

Fred Enang while addressing Journalists at the media centre in Kampala.THE HOMELAND MEDIA GROUP/PHOTO

By Ssazi Shafik

Today police spokesperson Fred Enang has announced a refresher training course to all integrated highway police officers and the emphasis of the training shall be put on those officers at the district level.

While speaking to journalists at the media center in Kampala, Enang said that they will send modules to human resource officers at the districts and they will use the Wednesday meeting sessions for the trainings.

Enang said that this has followed the footage that spread on social media that showed police officers engaging in siphoning of fuel from the truck that had fallen in Bukolo village, Agang in Anaka subcounty along Kaluma highway.

Enang stressed that their integrated highway patrol team received a call about the incident of the fuel truck registration number CGO1296AA06 and CGO1297AA06 that had over turned and fallen along the way while loaded with fuel.

 The patrol team on kaluma, Pakwakwi and Arua tried to secure and managed the transporters to get another tank where 39000 liters were offloaded.

Enang said that police investigations have led to the arrest of five officers including Sergeant Okello Brian, copal Dragal Ceaser, police constable oven Abert, Ocean Christopher and Adol Anthony.

The officers were charged with discreditable conduct and detained at CPS Kampala Enang further said that investigations are still going on to find out whether the officers engaged in the act.

The leadership of police strongly condemns the scandalous acts of the officers who instead of securing the danger they rather resorted to theft actions.

More so on Covid 19, in Mubende, Kabanda David was arrested for  conducting a rally beyond cafew time and when police  intervened , he aggressively dragged the police officer sergeant  Emmanuel Buyondo  the act which police says was provocative that led to discharge of a bullet .

Kabanda was charged with obstruction, and engaging in negligence act that could lead to spread of infectious diseases of covid 19.

 Enang said that the rally had gone beyond 11: 30 pm and this had put the lives of the supporters at risk when travelling at night.

In greater Bushenyi of Buhweju constituency, there was election violence between supporters of Engineer Zadok and Fred Rugyero.

Two people John Mugabire the Local council one Chairperson of Kalingora village and Julius Asibirwe 37 were strongly injured and were transferred to Nsiika health centre

Further on NRM elections, Enang said that they had heavily deployed in areas that had stiff competition due to high stakes of the candidates.

 Enang said they have identified 45 areas where the candidates had promised to use whichever means to win the elections.

Among the selected areas included Sheema, Luwero, Bukoto North and South in Lwengo, kyegwegwa, Bushenyi, Kasanda South, Mbaale city, Kasanda South, Adjumani, Mukono and others.

Enang said that Rwemiyaga primaries in Sembabule were cancelled by the secretariat of NRM.


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