“Mbu, All Men Cheat.” Don’t Tell that Trash to Your Woman!

Give women time to heal so that we can have better mothers, happy bosses and move this nation forward.

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So, because you married her and put her in a house, you can do whatever you want? You gave her the one thing that she wanted, and that should be enough.

Because you took her to the altar in front of God and your families, she shouldn’t be questioning anything you do because, after all, it is marriage she wanted.

You chose her from the pool of women that wanted the husband in you, so she shouldn’t be questioning your whereabouts at midnight, right?

Men have to stop expecting women to understand when they cheat. Stop telling us that men cheat. No. Good men do not cheat. They break it off and move on.

Stop telling her that she can do whatever she wants. Do not tell her it’s okay to go and hang-out with her friends and be so mad when she comes back home. Reverse psychology has to stop at some point.

Please do not make her feel that she is the reason why you are stepping out. Do not play with her emotions to make her believe that she is not good enough and needs a helper.

Women get tired too. They get hurt like normal human beings. Those words that throw at them hurt their soul. Some women are so broken that they never recover.

Do not pick up a fight with her so that you get a reason to get out of the house. Whether it is to go and hang with the boys or into the arms of another woman, do not get her into a fight to find a reason to walk away.

Those phone calls you make to other women after a fight for her to know that you have options will only show her that she needs to find options too.

Tell that woman the truth no matter how bad you think it is. Just tell her instead of letting her find out. She might not walk away, but she will find a way to cope, and that is normally in another man’s arms.

If you are done with her, walk away and do not come back every time the option turns out to be worse.

Give women time to heal so that we can have better mothers, happy bosses and move this nation forward.

Once in a while, ask her if she wants some other than expecting her to want some when you do. Try to understand that women have long days too.

Just because she says no to sex today doesn’t mean that she is cheating or that you have to go to another woman.

And if you feel that all this is too hard to take in, know that women have options too, no matter how okay they seem with you.

Know that they also have other men who look at them and who want them. Know that if they decided to step out on you, you might never know.

Know that someone else wants to tap that, but she chose you. A little respect will go a long way. Tit for tat is not as fair as it sounds.

Till next time, treat her like a queen and enjoy the waters of life.

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