Reasons why Lovers stay together forever!

One of the key reasons why relationships at the beginning feel so good is because of the thrill and spontaneous feel about it. Anything and everything you do is a new start.

President Yoweri Museveni and Wife Janet during the thanks giving ceremony as they were praising God for keeping them together. PPU/Photo

If you have been on the internet for the past two years then you are probably familiar with stuff like “relationship goals” or something like “boyfriend/girlfriend like that”.

The reason why this is so much popular is because everyone is looking for a healthy and stable relationship with whom they can see a future with.

While not many people are as lucky and have the perfect relationship with, some people have managed to stay forever with their love.

We asked around for relationship tips and here are the top 5 secrets that help couples to stay together forever.

Be spontaneous.

One of the key reasons why relationships at the beginning feel so good is because of the thrill and spontaneous feel about it. Anything and everything you do is a new start.

But over time, the thrill dies out and you get into a monotonous lifestyle. Don’t let your relationship go through that patch. Be spontaneous with your partner.

Plan surprise trips, hit the road, do something crazy every once a while just to keep the flame of excitement burning. You can even try out new things together to further strengthen the bond.

This is essential for any good relationship and if you want yours to last forever, then it is a necessity!

Treat their family as yours.

When you are in a committed relationship, you have to meet up with their family members one time or another.

A common mistake that most people make is making their partners choose between themselves and their family which is plain wrong. You should treat their family as part of you own.

Bridge the awkwardness and be together. Trust me, he or she will love you even more for making that effort and being so good with their family. Don’t build a bridge between the two groups.

And if you can do it, then better make sure they do it too.


Yes, you both can live busy lives and may or may not have to attend important meetings and parties.

But sometimes you just got to put your foot down and say no and spend some time with your partner.

You don’t necessarily have to attend all 5 work parties, nor do you have to have girl’s night out every week.

Stay in, or order some food and have an indoor movie date. This will show that you are on her/his priority list and that you are willing to make the effort for them.

Little Surprises are important.

No matter how much people deny it, surprises are one of the best things in life. So if you want a long and happy relationship then surprise your other half every once in a while.

It does not have to be something expensive or huge. Surprise your boyfriend with some of his favorite chocolates or favorite football team jersey.

Gift your girlfriend some flowers on your way back home, cook her favorite meal and so on.

You will be surprised at how much the other person will appreciate all these.

Move past fights.

Every relationship will have their ups and downs and it is inevitable that you two will have fights down the line.

But that does not mean that fights will be the end of your relationship. Of course, you can have different opinions and arguments but you need to understand that no fight is greater than the relationship.

You just need to compromise and look past it and get on with the relationship.


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