Things Women look for in a Man!


When looking for the man of her dreams, it’s important for women to know what they want and don’t want in a man.

Understanding your needs and wants before getting involved with someone will ensure that you meet someone who aligns with those criteria.

It will save you a lot of time in the process of finding a guy who truly matches your personality and outlook on love.

It’s also helpful for your potential partner so he will understand what you need as well.

If you don’t already know what most women want when searching for their dream guy, learn about these 9 things women look for in a man.


Kindness goes a long way in a relationship. It is more pleasant to be with someone who is kind to you and treats you with respect.

If you have a relationship built on being kind to each other, you will also be able to maneuver disagreements better when they do arise.

Financial Independence

If a woman truly wants to build with a man, she needs him to be financially secure.

This does not mean she wishes for him to necessarily be the sole breadwinner, but she likely does not want to be financially responsible for him either.

Social and Friendly

A guy can be sure a girl is really into him if she starts introducing him to her friends.

It’s great for a guy to be sociable and friendly, and to make an effort to be nice with her friends and family.

It’s also healthy for him to have friends and a social circle of his own, so that both people in the relationship have space and healthy time apart.

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