Valentines Day: Love songs to sooth you as you dive into the lover’s nest!

Until the mid-1990s, however, public display of affection among Ugandans was almost unheard of one can say, love affairs were a preserve of the bedroom with the exposure gotten by radio personalities of the time such as Peter Ssematimba, the culture was brought home and many musicians have composed songs to make the love more affection and meaningful.

Hon.Geofrey Lutaya and wife Irene Namatovu arguably Uganda’s most loved muscians when it comes to Love songs, their Music has over time breathed life into February 14. File/Photo

There can be no Valentine’s Day without a soothing love song that turn peoples hearts into romantic moods of the day that is characterized by dressing red colors for perfection.

Its 14th of February let The Homeland Newspaper prepare for you the lovers day music and hits to have so fantastic, Valentines day is the day for celebration of love romance and Uganda musicians and local celebrities have composed songs that have defined the day for lovers which is always celebrated on 14th of every February .

The Legend Moses Matovu of Afrigo Band in Uganda. File/Photo

The Homeland Newspaper brings you the most outstanding musicians who composed love ballads that have stood a taste of time.

Valentine’s Day is not just a day to recognize the role of love in our society, but also to share love and affection between lovers. Ever since the time love took over this fertility day, music and dance has been the day’s undisputed companion.

Internationally, Martina McBride’s My Valentine, released in 1997, is one that gave a perfect sound bed to the love day, and remains a hit Valentine’s Day song to this day. One could even trace the trend as far back as 1954 when Frank Sinatra’s My Funny Valentine was released.

Other musicians like Mariah Carrey, Robert Kelly, New Edition, Westlife and Shania Twain have gone on to produce music that is not necessarily curated for Valentine’s Day but carries messages and lyrics that best suit lovers on such a day.

In Uganda, it is safe to say that we might have joined the bandwagon quite late. But that notwithstanding, industry players like Joanita Kawalya believe that Ugandans are some of the most passionate beings about this day, world over. 

Until the mid-1990s, however, public display of affection among Ugandans was almost unheard of. One can say, love affairs were a preserve of the bedroom. However, with the exposure gotten by radio personalities of the time such as Peter Ssematimba, the culture was brought home.

Peter Ssematimba told the Homeland Newspaper that, the idea and culture of celebrating love publically was picked from the united states of America the time he stayed there early 90’s.

“I always knew Ugandans are loving and romantic people, but were only stuck in past generations that felt shy expressing their love publicly. I was confident that celebrating Valentine’s Day would eventually pick up in Uganda, so I pushed for it on radio when I returned,” Says Ssematimba.

In fact, Ssematimba released a love song titled Baby Kyana, which did not make a big hit, but showed the impact of music in expression of love. The early 2000s, therefore, gave birth to a generation of musicians that released music, not necessarily curated for Valentine’s Day, but would turn out to be soundtracks to the day.

Bands like Eagles Production and Afrigo Band set the ball rolling. With Afrigo’s decades-old love music, Valentine’s Day would, indeed, be a day worth celebrating. Joanita Kawalya, a member of Afrigo Band, says the music they produced over 20 years ago has been central on this day till today. Here are some of the musicians who have released some of the biggest love anthems over the years:

Fred Maiso, Kimuli kya Looza

His song Kimuli Kya Looza is probably more famous than his name, even before he passed on in 2012. Music analyst Edward Sendi says this could be Uganda’s biggest love ballad of all time.

“I think, in terms of Valentine’s Day, the late Maiso released arguably the most relevant soundtrack to this day. The song was a hit love ballad for over 20 decades, and still is, for those who care to listen,” he says.

To prove this, the song receives fair airplay every February 14, and it is safe to say that many of that generation fell in love on this song. In the song, Maiso equates his woman to a rose, and with roses being a definitive aspect of Valentine’s Day, the song makes perfect sense to the celebration of the day.

Maddoxx Ssematimba, Namagembe

Arguably Uganda’s biggest reggae musician of all time, Ssematimba’s music has over time breathed life into February 14. Off his 2000 album TukolaganeNamagembe is Ssematimba’s biggest and most famous that has a seat at the hightable of love songs in the mid-2000s.

And whenever Valentine’s Day hits, the song would be on the playlist of many lovebirds’ phones, radios and not much TV because until recently, the song had no video. However, Ssematimba has a number of other love songs that defined love to many. Songs like Irene, Munakyalo and Wansonyi always and still make sense to people in love especially.

“The objective has been to bring people in love. That is actually the main principle of reggae music. I am quite certain that there is a lot of people who are now married, and were inspired by some of my music,” says Ssematimba.

Iryn Namubiru, Nkuweki

Forget the Iryn Namubiru of the last five or so years. A decade ago, Namubiru’s music was such a sensation of love. Songs like Nkuweki, released in 2006, was a must listen for couples both newly in love or even those who had been together for quite a while.

She followed this up with Nkwagala Nnyo, another love ballad that defined what it meant to express one’s love towards another. Sendi says that this is one of those Namubiru songs that reminded people what it means to remind your partner how much you love them.

Juliana Kanyomozi, Nabikoowa

From early 2000s, part of the IJ group with Iryn Namubiru, Kanyomozi’s music has always represented love.  Olibeera Nange is one of those songs that has always put lovebirds in such a mood. Taking time back, Kanyomozi released Nkyanoonya, a song that spoke to the sentiments of those had not yet found love, but had their hopes alive.

The lyrics in this particular expressed that Valentine’s Day can also be a time to reflect on finding love, not just celebrating it. For those who are frustrated in love, even on such a day, Kanyomozi’s Nabikoowa, possibly one of her biggest songs of all time, has always spoken to your woes.

Most recently, Kanyomozi has released love songs like Omukwano Owedda, Sanyu Lyange and Wakajanja among others.

Aziz Azion, Nkumira Omukwano

A big number of millennials look at Azion as one of the biggest Ugandan R&B musicians of their time. These sentiments date back to when he released what arguably is one of the biggest love songs of this era, Nkumira Omukwano.

This song became so big among lovebirds that many could easily lip-sync along. Many knew the song word by word and as Aziz has always said, the song gave many gentlemen confidence to pour out their hearts, with a collection of pick-up lines.

The guitarist went on to release more Valentine’s Day suitable songs like My Oxygen and Wampisa.

David Lutalo, Onsanuula

Band musicians, as many prefer to categorize them, have been the biggest representatives of love music in Uganda’s music industry. In the last 10 years, David Lutalo’s music has been a force to reckon with, judging from how many of his fans use it to find and celebrate love.

Having launched his career with Kapapala, Lutalo released music for the lovers. Onsaanula still remains one of those songs that continue to entertain many as they celebrate love from wherever. With majority of his fans being women, Lutalo’s love music has managed to transcend widely.

When Valentine’s Day concerts became a thing here, Lutalo is one of the musicians who have always a no-miss. Songs like Ujuwe, Manya and Amelida have continued to strengthen many in love.

Mariam Ndagire, Byonna Twala

Before the advent of young love ballads musicians, the industry had the likes of Mariam Ndagire. Mostly known as a dramatist to many, Ndagire has always had a firm grip on love music. Her Valentine’s Day song titled Valentine did not make it as big as other songs like Byonna Twala, but has always been big enough to evoke love emotions especially on February 14.

Talking about Byonna Twala, the song is undoubtedly her biggest love song, especially for fresh-in-love couples. The song had its shine in the late 2000s and had Ndagire performing it at most concerts especially on Valentine’s Day.

For the married couples or those intending to tie the knot, Ndagire’s Majangwa is one that has always made it on Valentine’s Day, with some probably getting the urge to get married. For those who spend their Valentine’s Day with their mothers, Ndagire has Mama, another of her hit songs.

Radio and Weasel, Kuku

The duo has always released a number of hit love songs, especially before one of them, Mozey Radio, passed on in 2018. With tens of hit love songs from the two, it is hard to pick out one. However, among the many, Zuena and Kuku has always been favorites of many in love.

To this day, when these two songs play in bars, a host of couples are seen getting cozy. And on Valentine’s Day, the two songs are perfect recipes to an amazing day.  Radio will be remembered for having a unique selection of pick-up lines in his lyrics, many of which have since been copied by fans to find love.

Other famous love songs from the duo include Bread and Batter, Nyumbani, Everything I do and Nakutada.

Samalie Matovu, Omukwano Gunyuma

She has since disappeared off the music scene, but before she disappeared, Matovu had left us with a big love song titled Omukwano Gunyuma. Released in 2010, the song relays the message of how a love story starts, ends, and how lovebirds can keep the fire burning. This is largely why the song was loved by many.

For quite some time, the song was an anthem of love, cutting across both urban and local audiences.

Rema Namakula, Oli Wange

With a fresh touch of R&B music, Namakula has always succeeded. Oli Wange, a hit love ballad, launched her career. She says that having performed at weddings, she believes this song has brought a number of lovers together.

“Love is the driver of life in all aspects. That is why I focus on love ballads and I believe this has helped many people fall in love.”


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