Are Muslims being pushed out of the Education system?

Not so long ago I published an article protesting the decision by the Minister of Education to deny Muslims representation on the Education Policy Review Commission.

Haji.Nsereko Mutumba former Spokesperson Uganda Muslim Supreme Council.

By Haji Nsereko Mutumba

I would like to add my voice to that of many Muslim brothers and sisters who continue to protest the ongoing discrimination of Muslims in the Education sector.

Not so long ago I published an article protesting the decision by the Minister of Education to deny Muslims representation on the Education Policy Review Commission.

My argument was that without a Muslim on the Commission, the voice of Muslims who are key stakeholders in education will either be silenced or muted.

Muslims will not have their say on issues that affect their education and their faith.

Today, I am writing in protest of the recent appointment of Abong Geofrey, Najjemba Barbara, Nakanjako Erinah, and Nankungu Annet as Education Officer of  Islamic Religious Education (IRE).

With due respect to the appointees, their names clearly show they are non-Muslims put in positions of teaching Islam to Muslims. As if there are no Muslims who are qualified to occupy these positions. As if Muslims do not understand their own religion. As if Muslims can be allowed to CRE.

This is no longer an oversight or something to be explained away.

This is an attack on Islam and Muslims. A violation of the right of Muslims to freedom of worship. Very soon they will appoint non-Muslims to lead prayers in Mosques. When it comes to Islam, it is not just a service. It should not be treated as a mere subject. It is spiritual, it is the total submission to the will of Allah, it is personal.

The last time I checked, Uganda was a secular country. Since when did it turn into a Christian Country where Islamic matters are run by Christians.

I mean no harm to my Christian brothers and sisters, but would you sit back and just watch or cheer if Muslims were put in charge of Christian Religious Education (CRE)?

Something is terribly wrong in the Education sector and whatever it is, it is bad news for Muslims.

The excuse “Muslims are not educated” is no longer applicable. We have more than enough qualified Muslims to occupy any position in this country.

This seems to be a well-protracted plot to shut Muslims out of the education system, just like the colonial days.

Whoever is behind this plot seems to have learned nothing and forgotten nothing from the history of Uganda.

Maybe they want to take us back to the days when Muslims had to denounce Islam or adopt Christian names in order to be admitted to an educational institution.

Maybe they want to deny Muslim Children access to education so that they do not compete favorably in the job market or are denied the fair share of the national cake.

Maybe they want to frustrate educated Muslims so that they can accuse them of being extremists.

I call upon the Minister of Education, Mama Janet Museveni to personally look into this and many other concerns raised by Muslims regarding the running of the education sector.

I am ready to furnish the ministry with the CVs of thousands of very qualified Muslims if it has issues finding them.

The writer is a Senior Muslim Media Consultant and the former UMSC Spokesperson

He can be reached on or 0772409504


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