Gov’t Introduce New Covid-19 Guidelines as Cases increase by 81%

Dr.Acheng said, more cases are being seen in the lower age groups, with a 12% increase among children aged 10-19 and a 5% increase for those aged 20-29.

Health Minister,Dr. Jane Ruth Acheng Addressing the Media in Kampala. Courtesy/Photo

By Nasser Kasozi Akandwanaho

The Government of Uganda through the Ministry of Health has introduced some new guidelines that will help limit the spread of Covid-19, which as of Wednesday had killed 343 people in Uganda.

According to Dr. Ruth Aceng, minister of health said that Coronavirus has infected 42,102 people and 41722 have been able to recover from the respiratory illness. According to Minister Aceng, the guidelines are necessary, as the country saw an 81 increase in cases between April and March.

she said that more cases are being seen in the lower age groups, with a 12% increase among children aged 10-19 and a 5% increase for those aged 20-29.

“This is a sign that Uganda is at the foot of the resurgence or another wave in the pandemic and also an indication that all age groups are affected,” the minister said.

As per the new guidelines, only cargo flights, technical stops and operations related to humanitarian aid, medical evacuation and diplomatic flights will be exempted from entering the country when coming from India.

In the above cases, the crews on the first and second scenarios won’t be allowed to disembark.

Ugandan nationals returning from India after medical treatment will also be allowed.

For those traveling from USA, UK, UAE, Turkey, South Africa, Ethiopia, Kenya, South Sudan and Tanzania, they have been advised to consider non-essential travels.

Those that come will be subjected to PCR Covid-19 tests at the Points of Entry, including Entebbe International Airport.

The minister also noted that Individuals who have received their full Covid-19 vaccination and are asymptomatic will be allowed into the country without the need for testing on arrival if they are not from India.

To facilitate testing, the health ministry identified five laboratories with the ability over 5000 samples per day and tasked them to set up testing points in Entebbe town.

Testing won’t exceed $65.

Travelers who test positive for Covid-19 will be evacuated by the health ministry to a designated isolation facility while children will be designated to an isolation facility with their parent or guardian.

As they wait for their results, travelers will be “transported to an identified withholding area within 5km-10km from the airport where their samples will be removed for testing”.

Results will be released every four hours, the minister said. Testing at border points is still ongoing, according to the minister, who also revealed that 364,582 people had been vaccinated since March 10.


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