NCDs Death rate on Increase- Ministry of Health

According to ministry of health 30% of Ugandans annually die due to NCDs related complications....

Minister of Health in charge of primary healthcare, Dr. Joyce Muriiku Kaducu addressing the Media in Kampala. THE HOMELAND MEDIA GROUP/PHOTO

By Gladys Nanyombi

KAMPALA-The ministry of health is worried of the increasing number of death caused by Non-Communicable diseases (NCDS) whose percentage is at 30.

According to ministry of health and medical records shows a 30% increase of NCDs related complications including Cardio Vascular Diseases, the cancers and mental illness, these come as a result of reluctance on managing health and lifestyle.

 “This increase has been facilitated by a series of habits and lifestyle factors which many Ugandans have been trapped in like unhealthy diets, harmful use of alcohol, tobacco use and substance abuse and increasing physical inactivity”. Said Kaducu

Addressing the media in Kampala, the state Minister for Primary Health Care, Joyce kaducu said that, Uganda is experiencing high death increase due to NCDs resulting to too much consumption of alcohol by victims, fatty foods, too much salt, sugar and failure to participate in physical fitness activities

 Minister said at least 30% of Ugandans die annually due to pre-existing conditions including diabetes and hypertension  

“What worries most is that most people living with NCDs are either not aware or have decided to ignore the disease”.Kaducu said

 She said that currently, the NCDs contribute 30% of all the annual hospital- mortalities and it increases to 40% with the inclusion of road traffic accidents and mental health conditions.

She noted that people living with NCDs are at more risk of death when they contract covid-19 especially among diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

“80% of the 335 covid-19 deaths had comorbidities of either diabetes or hypertension and at least 16 stroke survivors died during the lock down due to lack of transport and drug stock-outs among other reasons”, said Kaducu

 Minister Kaducu said, ministry of Health and cabinet have formulated NCD policies, strategic plans and laws to guide implementation of NCDS for example the Tobacco Control Act and the Food and Drug bill have been put in place with the aim of guiding the control and prevention of NSDs.

Minister Kaducu therefore appealed to the public to inculcate a culture of healthy leaving, reduce on alcohol consumption, fight and stop Tobacco use and substance abuse to embrace a health seeking behavior because it is a personal responsibility to ensure regular checkups.

According to the 2014 Uganda National NCD Risk Factor Survey, 26.8% OF Ugandans were engaged in harmful alcohol consumption with about 10% with alcohol related disorders.

Uganda as a country is currently ranked 5th globally in alcohol consumption by volume.


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