The good side of COVID-19

Parents and their children have got more time to be together. They have taught children housework, more counseling, checked their books, have time to play, telling stories, and got to know each other more. This has created more bonds in the family.


By Namuleme Nusulah

Covid19 the global pandemic has greatly affected the lives of people in different ways, some lost their jobs like teachers and others have lost lives. We all accept that it has been a serious trial moment that wasn’t planned for but besides all the hardships, covid-19 has benefited us in the following ways:

Increased patriotism amongst Ugandans. This has happened in different ways which include citizens used to report those that they suspected to have come back from outside countries to the Ministry Of Health for quarantine and different vehicles and more so, brand new were given out to the ministry to help it work effectively. Not only that, but the government of Uganda also called upon volunteers to support people with food and other basic requirements which they did as tones of matooke, beans, milk, maize flour, cooking oil, soap, salt, mattresses, and many others were given in freely.

Different traders have benefited from this period especially during the lock down. Before the lockdown, traders had stocked products in their stores which made them increase their prices due to high demand and scarcity.

Different skills have been taught to the children and parents during the lock down. Learners and parents from home have learnt how to plaint hair, make sculpts, craft making like mats, trading in tomatoes, onions, and others. They have now learnt how to make money, give discounts and get commissions.

Parents and their children have got more time to be together. They have taught children housework, more counseling, checked their books, have time to play, telling stories, and got to know each other more.  This has created more bonds in the family.

Dealers in fruits and juice have increased in number and earned a lot. This is because the Ministry Of Health has been emphasizing a lot the citizens to use fruits like oranges, passion fruits, lemon, beet roots and others frequently in order to boost the immune system of the citizens.

Development of new businesses in the country. Many tailors like Nytil and sellers of face masks and hand sanitizers have earned a lot of money during this covid-19 period.

The saving and investment culture has improved in the country, previously, citizens would use some money for basic use and the balance goes to luxury like clubbing and beaching.  People can now utilize the little money they have to fill their daily needs and either save or invest the balance which wasn’t the case before where by all the money would be used especially in luxury.

Improved hygiene, this has really improved by a very big percentage all over the country. Ugandans can now wash their hands frequently compared to the previous time, sanitizing, daily cleaning of the bodies, washing and ironing clothes.

A big number of people have been able to get legalized marriages during the covid-19 pandemic. This was abit easy to be reached at since a limited number of people was allowed to attend the function hence less expenses inquired.

Ugandan citizens have learnt how to be more creative and hardworking.  They have learnt that no job should be undermined for as long as one can earn something from it. A number of people that lost their jobs because of covid-19 have resorted to brick making, taxi conductors, farming and others.

Physical Education has been improved since His Excellency the President of Uganda and the Ministry Of Education have always been emphasizing it seriously. This has helped Ugandans to be more fit and healthy.

More commitment to the Almighty God. Since covid-19 started with the super powers and killed them severely, Ugandans realized that the only solution was to resort to the Almighty God hence the commitment.

Improvement in the Agriculture Department, Agriculture is the backbone of Uganda which had declined seriously. But during the lockdown, many people that lost their jobs went back to the villages and resorted to farming and poultry.

 Ugandans are earning a living during this period for example LDUs were trained for security, doctors and nurses that were treating the patients and  teachers that have been teaching over  Medias for example televisions and radios.

Appreciation of the services in Uganda, Citizens during lockdown were not traveling out of the country like for medication and others they were all getting services from here. 

Improved security in the country,  This has been through training the LDUs that keep law and order in the night after curfew hours. The curfew hours that start at 09:00 pm, have helped reduce the theft cases in the night.


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