Tycoon Abid Alam Welcomes President Museveni’s Recognition of Covid-19 Contributions

Abid Alam gratified by President Museveni’s recognizance of Covid contributions

By Issa Katoto

Abid Alam, the group leader of Alam companies is immensely grateful for President Museveni’s recognizance of Casements, the group’s contribution to the fight against Covid 19.

In his speech on July 30th, while easing the National lockdown, President Museveni commended Casements Africa Limited and Oxygas Limited for contributing to the welfare of Ugandans.

The company contributed oxygen gas cylinders among other assortments worth Ugx 300 million needed in the care of Covid 19 patients.

At the time President Museveni declared a nationwide lockdown on June 18th, the country had an upsurge in the number of Covid 19 cases and deaths.

The country had also suffered a shortage of oxygen in the different health facilities across the country.

More than 300 cases were averagely reported every day as the country’s health care system seemed strained, with more patients in need of ICU beds and oxygen.

It is upon such background that Alam, as one of the leading manufacturers and employers heed to call. The businessman explains that while their group’s businesses had been affected by the lockdown, all staff were retained in the brother’s keeper policy.

In the previous lockdown, the Alam group of companies contributed two trailers of items valued at Ugx 600 million. It was in addition to the sensitization messages on Covid 19 prevention.

Alam says, the companies are devoted to helping Ugandans through the pandemic. He also rallied Ugandans to observe all Standard Operating Procedures set by the Ministry of Health.



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