Awilo Longomba thrills Arua Leaves revellers yearning for more!

So Awilo was pleasantly shocked to discover that for every song he sung the whole crowd sung along merryily and danced in Syncronocity!


Congolese legendary musician, Awilo Longomba left revellers on Sunday night yearning for more after putting up an amazing concert at the Green Light Stadium, home of soccer Club Onduparaka.

Before he stepped on stage, there were performances from the area musicians, comedians and dancers who curtain-raised so as to keep the revellers entertained from 7pm to 11pm.

Self-claimed Queen of West-Nile, Jackie Chandiru was also given a chance to show her fans that she’s still “got work”.

She stormed onto the stage with her dancers and entertained the seemingly ecstatic audience that had filled the stadium.

She performed several of her songs some of which were in the local dialect Lugbara.

After Jackie’s performance, there was rib cracking comedy from the area comedians, Pato and Zaga who took on revellers until the Congolese star stepped on the stage.

At exactly 12.45am, Awilo Longomba hit the stage and did songs like Porokondo and Coupe Bibamba which forced all the revellers onto their feet.

A VIP ticket was at Shs50,000 and an ordinary ticket was at Shs20,000 but when Awilo started performing, he told the crowd to get closer to the stage as he wanted to interact with them.

“Come closer people. This is a show and as I talk now, there is no VIP. Everyone is VIP,” he said amid cheers from the audience.

He took a break of about five minutes before returning to the stage clad in the Onduparaka FC Jersey with his name inscribed at the back.

He performed and left the stage at about 1.50am with the crowd begging for more!!!!

Hailing from Mbandolote Equaterr Province

Awilo Longomba is a Congolese musician who was a drummer in Viva la Musica, Stukas, Nouvelle Generation and Loketo. In 1995, he finally quit drumming for singing and released his first album Moto Pamba with help from Shimita, Ballou Canta, Dindo Yogo, Dally Kimoko, Sam Mangwana, Syran Mbenza and Rigo Star.

His second CD, Coupe Bibamba (1998) made him known throughout Africa, Europe and America. This was followed by Kafou Kafou (2001) and an album, Mondongo (2004), which features Japponais, Dally Kimoko, Caen Madoka, Djudjuchet, Josky Kiambukuta and Simaro Lutumba. He is also credited as an atalaku (animateur) on some soukous records. Awilo now lives in London City, United Kingdom and is married to Paradis Kacharelle and they have a son called Lovy Believe Church Awilo Longomba.

Awilo’s relatives in the music industry include his father Victor Longomba a founding member of T.P OK Jazz as well as his late elder brother, Lovy the father to the Longombas, who are a popular Afro-fusion group based in Kenya. Lovy had a rich tenor voice and was a member of Super Mazembe led by Longwa Didos.

In 2008, Awilo Longomba released the new album Super-Man which was another success. Awilo continued his popularity in USA/ Canada while on tour with Nabtry International Cultural Dancers, an African dance group founded in 2007 by Grace Haukwa. The Super-Man tour was successful throughout 2008 and 2009. By popular votes and a historic win at the International Reggae and World Music Awards with over 120 countries voting in, Super-Man won the Best Soukous Entertainer Award 2009. CEO and founder of Nabtry Grace Haukwa, who represents Awilo in the US, received the award on Awilo’s behalf at the ceremony.

So Awilo was pleasantly shocked to discover that for every song he sung the whole crowd sung along merryily and danced in Syncronocity!

His versatility has been evident lately with his many collaborations with modern day and styles musicians in many African Countries, among them are Nigerian Artistes P Square, Tiwa Savage and Yemi Alade


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