Balam settles Bad black’s dust Clear 500m, Shanita turns fire on People Power

Bad Black Sorted and Chapter Closed by Supporters of NRM Government. Thank you everyone who made it possible.Balam Barugahara said.

By Nasser Kasozi Akandwanaho

Ambassador Balaam Barugahare was deployed to arrange the settlement of 500 million of shillings to Bad black which was concluded yesterday afternoon.

Loud-mouthed socialite Shanita Namuyimbwa has been paid. She confirmed in a video that showed her signing papers, although the exact amount she received has not been disclosed, but her lawyers were involved in the negotiations.

The fear of sapping the energy and diverting the attention of senior health officials from concentrating on fighting COVID-19 due to relentless attacks by Bad Black has forced the government to hammer out an out of court settlement with the socialite.

Bad Black signed on papers whose contents were not revealed to the public, and disclosed that she was happy to have received money from NRM supporters.

Turns Guns on People Power

Balaam is also using the cash to turn Bad Black into an NRM campaigner. Another video available online with instructions from Balaam, is showing her declaring war on People Power and vowing to support Mzee, as seen from a video making rounds in the social media platfroms.


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