Butcherman attacks Rocky Giant

Singer Rocky Giant was allegedly referring to himself as the true Ghetto president.

Butcherman(File Photo)

By Shibah Nasali

Self acclaimed Ghetto President Butcherman appeared in a video with his colleagues beating up and torturing singer Rocky Giant for allegedly referring to himself as the true Ghetto president.

In a Facebook viral video, Butcherman and his friends are seen slapping, kicking and even threatening to kill Rocky Giant claiming that he does not know how far they have come for him to come out of the blue and claim to be the Ghetto president.

Butcherman also accuses Rocky Giant of always insulting him.

Singer Rocky Giant.

 Several people in the music industry have come out to sympathise with Rocky Giant and offer support to bring him back to the music scene.

Frank Jah Live has offered to shoot three free music videos for him, song writer Nince Henry has offered to write two songs and Producer Diggy Baur of Sabula Studios has offered to record two audio songs for Rocky Giant free of charge.

Artists such as Big Eye, Sheebah Karungi, Lydia Jasmine among many others have condemned the manner in which their fellow musician was treated and called upon Butcherman to apologise for the hideous act.


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