The Gospel of a Marriage of Evil Between Pastors & the Regime!

With this 2 evil’s marriage, all legal cases against pastors immediately died a natural death and the accusers became the accused!  Publicizing pastor’s evils on state media was banned and were instead accorded more airtime on state media or licenses/funds to open own TV/radio stations. They got devil’s full authority to extort from followers without fear or favor. 


By Kaweesa Kaweesa

To all Ugandan pastors, talking politics is a life line as it’s what keeps them out of Luzira prisons. Most of them are practically and metaphorically agents of evil spreading a gospel of distraction at the regimes directive. 

They are practically evil because when preaching their gospel of distraction, they misinterpret the bible to suit their exploitative needs while diverting people from true deliverance. Metaphorically because they serve the regime by distracting people from the real devil causing their suffering to an imaginary nonexistent one.

Born again churches are founded on no central spiritual or moral fiber. They originated as Americans supremacy political/brainwash tools designed to counter conventional religions (Catholics, Muslims protestants) funded from within top security agencies as a daily indoctrination outreach project.

It came to Uganda almost at the same time with Mr. Museveni in the 1980’s. Though pre-Museveni founding pastors represented an unswerving spiritual disposition to God and an upright sense of morality amongst their followers unlike the current dealers.
The regime entry into Balokore churches.

Musevenis colonial tendencies of divide and rule, blackmail and brainwash as encompassed in the “marriage of evil” between the regime and the rapacious pastors. He knew he intended to oppress and suppress Ugandans socially, politically and economically until they resort to religion as it is the “the opium and the sign of the oppressed being, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions.” as stated in 1984 by Karl Heinrich.  So he planned how to get the frustrated on the other side.

This fired his need to start an outright fight against conventional religions, so that people don’t turn to them for true deliverance which would work against his regime plans. 

President Museveni atheism started with a nationwide anti-religious program embedded in chaka-mu-chaka courses through which regime cadres indoctrinated Ugandans into hatred for conventional churches by mudslinging them as colonial, exploiters and land grabbers ironically presenting his regime as the alternative. Failure to fully ransom churches he resorted to sneaky balokore.

He strategized to use spiritually baseless pastors whose ministry and churches, “Evolved out of greed, fraud, fear, despairing among people and despotic politics” according to Edger Allan Poe. Who could easily be turned into legal and financial fugitives to perfectly fit the category of people m7 uses in his political maneuvers. 

The process of ransoming pastors into state agents started with wide exposure and publication of all their evils by all state media.

Pastors with HIV infecting their followers, homosexuals, wine dealers, ritual murderers, those with dark powers from underground, those with extra-marital affairs were exposed with evidence and media broadcast testimonies from people hired by pastors to fake miracles etc.

At the end of this exposure, the press (regime) had pounded pastors into a position of vulnerability; and nearly all pastors were obvious candidates for Luzira prisons which set many pastors into near oblivion and their churches crumbling with moral, integrity, financial and legal battles. Its then that the regime pounced not to arrest but ransom them into what they are now, regime agents.

Its then that evil concretely united pastors and the regime into a “marriage of evil”.

With this 2 evil’s marriage, all legal cases against pastors immediately died a natural death and the accusers became the accused!  Publicizing pastor’s evils on state media was banned and were instead accorded more airtime on state media or licenses/funds to open own TV/radio stations. They got devil’s full authority to extort from followers without fear or favor. 

THE GOSPEL OF DISTRACTIONA! Ugandans are in a desperate state, many are sick with incurable diseases Cancer, HIV because of the regimes murder of the healthy sector. Many are jobless, yet they qualified because of stinking nepotism. Many are choking on bank loans and are fixed in a financial muddle because of the regimes rotten economic system etc.

Briefly, every Ugandan has a genuine cause to hate/fight this regime. Obviously, the devil causing all this suffering is the current regime and it also knows it that’s why they deployed pastors with an assignment of routinely distracting the destitute off this reality to a  non existing “devil”

By working their voices hoarse to create fear among followers. They mention the word “devil” more times with more emphasis than “Gad” whose intervention they strictly attach onto hefty sums paid to them his self-confessed “dealers.

In the same way regime agents post photos or topics on social media to divert debate on government evils, pastors do the same in churches through preaching the gospel of distraction.

The marriage turned Balokole into a political tool of diversion aimed at giving false hope and turn people away from politics or the real devil munching them to an imaginary “devil” which they dub as the author of peoples suffering. 
The pastors have undoubtedly perfected their role in this marriage.

They have successfully exhorted their followers into poverty and successfully indoctrinated all Balokole into senseless regime followers. Currently its almost impossible to convince a well brainwashed Mulokole that the cause of his unemployment or poverty or poor health is not a devil but failed government systems.  All balokoles are regime voters/followers.

On its part the regime has offered them total immunity to the law setting them free to exploit followers as much as they can as long as they attract many to the regime. To sum it up the chaka-mu-chaka indoctrination course recollected into these churches. Obulokole is currently the biggest salient campaign tool for the this regime. It is a successful political project that the opposition can’t replicate. 

The regime has furthered it to streets where state paid agents roam (as street preachers) preaching the gospel of distraction from reality to hussling Ugandans. I’m sure if any other religion sent preachers onto the streets and begins preaching the true word of God government could arrest and accuse them of causing noise pollution!The regime currently wants and sponsors construction of at least one church of distraction per village to take the gospel of diversion to all Ugandans.

Current research shows that 75% of pastors are ethnic Rwandans who are regimes loyal cadres who implement everything to keep m7 in power. It’s them behind extending this indoctrination project to every Ugandan either through static road side address systems, night prayers, opening new “churches” and TV/radio station.

Currently they directly own and operate 60% of commercial radio/Tv station with the same diversionary purpose as the regime controls the rest.

If all Ugandans turned their resources and time into fighting the real devil and his agents especially those in churches, their suffering would be no more as we believe in FOR GOD AND MY COUNTRY.


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