The Islamic view of the birth of Jesus Christ, a perspective by Ghezelsofla, advice people on following his legacy

Chrismas holidays should be a reflection on how human being can make a world a better place for every mankind, promoting peace and tollorance,respect to mankind without discrimination of race, color and religion, citing examples before God [Allah] every mankind is equal,Juesus has no wealth and he did not leave anything on the earth but some people have resorted to accumulating self-wealth and engaging in a religion of commodity which has no space before our creator.Justice,fairness and mutual respect should be exercised during and after this festive season. Said Muhammad Reza Ghezelsofla.

The cultural counsel of the embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran Mr. Muhammad Reza Ghezelsofla. THE HOMELAND MEDIA GROUP/PHOTO

By Isabella Yvonne Mugeni

The cultural counsel of the embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran Mr. Muhammad Reza Ghezelsofla has called upon Ugandans to participate in the celebration the birth of Jesus Christ and strict observance and following of his legacy for the purpose of unity and peace and development during the festive season saying that prophet Isiah A.S [Jesus Christ only came to establish justice and human values.

In his Christmas holiday message to Ugandans Mr.Muhammad Reza Ghezelsofla said that prophet Isiah A.S [Jesus Christ came with the divine mission of establishing justice and fairness among the man kind, respecting peace and building unity in our society and urged people to benefit from this festive season by encouraging and preaching peace, unity and harmonious living while celebrating the birth of the Jesus Christ.

 “It is not about celebration for celebration, all these things should be used for development, Jesus Christ will be happy to see his followers trying their best to develop the society, having a positive role and respecting peace and unity.” Said Ghezelsofla.

According to Muhammad Reza sofla Ghezelsofla, the birth of Jesus will be meaningful if people use it to educate and grow themselves and also live harmoniously among themselves and with other countries than fighting for the earthly wealth or greedy for power which before God does not manifest.

He emphasized the fact that, people should learn to uphold the virtue of justice where everyone is accorded their rights in respect to their abilities and in so doing, there will be key development to the country and a better society. In this respect, he condemned discrimination based on race, ethnicity and religion.

Mr.Muhammad Reza Ghezelsofla further said that if some politicians and countries knew the true doctrines of this holiday season, some countries and politicians should stop misusing human rights and instead establish these rights and values based from the example of Jesus Christ.

 “Jesus Christ came to establish values and human rights and therefore, we hope that from his birth, we shall be blessed to do like Jesus did.” Said Muhammad Reza Ghezelsofla.

Mr.Muhammad Reza Ghezelsofla, preached that there isn’t a difference between Islam and Christianity because the prophets in both religions came for the same purpose, to encourage people to serve one God said that Jesus Christ brought peace to mankind and that we all should do the same through our acts and embrace this as the purpose of our celebration.

He ridiculed the humane practices of gathering material things in form of wealth because in most cases these cause us to forget the attributes of Jesus Christ. He on this note encouraged people to ask God for the wealth that they need not an excessive overflow .he said that people should desist from gathering wealth in unlawful ways and also using their wealth in unlawful ways because it will cost them punishment from God.

In his remarks, sofla emphasized a Jesus filled celebration not the usual style of drinking, shouting, unnecessary excitement because even then, people have to take precaution against the deadly virus, corona.

“We should use these festive days from Christmas till new years to worship and you can worship even through good acts. We should mediate on Jesus Christ and what he brought for mankind and follow all his good deeds and in turn, avoid the things that make him angry.” Said Muhammad Reza Ghezelsofla.

On Jesus’ deeds, he asked that people help the orphans, they wear a smile throughout, get the right companionship and also eat sparingly. He especially asked Ugandans to avoid acts of corruption because they are ungodly and can damage the country’s peace.

 Mr.Muhammad Reza Ghezelsofla did not exclude the Muslims who according to him, were very much part of the festive celebrations whom he encouraged to worship Allah or celebrate the activity by making round table discussions and seminars to meditate on the works of Allah and also to do good deeds and preaching brotherhood.

He further advised that people should celebrate the birth of the Nabi Ishah A.S [Jesus Christ] amicably according to the countries regulations concerning Corona virus and that they should observe the SOPs to the latter so that they cross the bridge successfully and reach their targets and aspiration in life.

More reporting on peace, religion and co-existence coming soon on this page by the Cultural Consul of the embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Kampala.


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