What is the future to Justice Catherine Bamugemereire’s commission of inquiry probe into land matters?


By: Caxton Kasozi-Batende,


Correct me if my memory is incorrect; from what I recall; H.E President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni sometime ago expressed concern, opposed Cosase’s public disclosure of findings relating to Bank of Uganda malpractices and Bagyenda’s irregularities in the closure and sale of Uganda’s seven banks.

Why H.E the President, did not host Justice Catherine Bamugemereire and the UPDF soldiers who blocked the land probe commission members from accessing the disputed land on Summit hill Mutungo in secrecy to applaud the officers!

The awarding of medals to those soldiers, and the comments said by the government’s spoke-person publically was degradation to a commission, for performing the task of which the commission was created to do and was performing.

Would it not have been best to promote those soldiers and award them a salary increase made them happier than using them to awaken defiance, disrespect and shunning Justice Catherine Bamugemereire’s probe commission of inquiry into land matters by state organs and government individuals implicated in land grabbing or siphoning of the land compensation fund.

The President has been heard time after time outcry that, anti-corruption agencies are not doing their mandated task; but reality is that, anyone having a good functioning brain is aware of his or her limits when it comes to battling with NRM party strong mobilizing persons or RDCs or ministers or Statehouse-workers or army persons or Civil-servants or government officials or persons who have closeness oligarchy cadres.

Justice Catherine Bamugemereire should be applauded for her having been not politically parasitic; but instead, a neutral judicious player in the implementation of fairness and justice without conscious of her limitations.

Justice Catherine Bamugemereire to resign is not the meaningful way forward for her to opt; instead she should preserve and to protect the existing order, chair the probe commission into land matters, continue to expose are irregularities unscrupulous land dealings and siphoning of cash from the land compensation fund.

Impunity should not be rubber-stamped for ordinary person’s land or state-land to be grabbed by persons having political or economic power. Courts became useless to resolving land theft cases in Uganda.

Well, this explains why those exposed, none has been charged, prosecuted, sentenced, imprisonment or sacked from their office position. Justice Bamugemereire Catherine is a gatekeeper against land grabbing. But she has become a servant to the valve which is the voters, that are not holding accountable MPs for not have amended the manipulatable land law, which has gathered strength to cause people lose their land. For the executive to be controlled, needful to balance, political party persons in the Parliament.

Article written by a Legal Counsel Expatriate in Managing Conflicts.

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