7 reasons why Mayiga’s nomination letter to Rwandese Kayitana Simon made Baganda question his loyalty to the Kabaka


By Kaweesa Joseph

Last week Baganda all over the country nearly burst media channels Espacially social media in protest against nomination of a Munyarwanda in Buganda Lukiiko. 

The letter signed by Katikkiro Mayiga leaked under circumstance not yet known.  

Amongst the many reasons forwarded Baganda brought to attention many facts one of which is When they complained about Mayigas sale of Mulungu beach, the response was burning Abalongo house in Masiro. 

This home the Kabaka had called a meeting for all former KATIKIROS in Bulange and  Mayiga mobilized a group of about 10 youths to demonstrate with placards as Kabaka entered lubiri. 

As news leaked out that this act didn’t impress the Kabaka and he questioned Mayigas administrative style he cautioned him to stop covering his administrative failures onto past Katikkiros. Then the letter appeared on social media. 

Its mode of appearance tells two sided stories, either the Katikkiro used it in a diversionary way to cover up the outcomes of the Kabakas meeting or a dissatisfied Muganda just leaked to expose his evil inner dealing further. 

The letter raised questions but the following stand unanswered. 

When Kabaka nominates (ASIIMA) someone to serve him or the kingdom, he writes to him through his private secretary who gives copy to the Speaker of Lukiiko, Katikkiro and other line departments. 

In this letter Mayiga shows a high level of impunity, disrespect to Kabaka and abuse to the office of Katikkiroship by

1. Created an office (of a representative of Rwandans in Lukiiko) which has never existed as no other tribe is represented in Lukiiko 

2. Nominated a person as barer

3. Impersonated the Kabaka (mbu asiimye) when he didnt even know about it

5. He himself writes a letter (supposed to be written by Kabaka’s PS) and copied to him and other line departments and 

6. He (Mayiga) just informs the Kabaka that yasiimye to create an office and nominated a bearer through a copy to his private secretary! 

The letter head raises further question when the Katikkiro reffers to himself as a prime minister which is just a literally interpretation of a Buganda Katikkiro even with a demeaning addition to a long standing address to Kabaka “Awangaale Ssabassajja….. n’enkumbi ku bega” whose source is obscure.

From this letter, is the Katikkiro now the final decision maker at Mengo who just informs the Kabaka or an open indication Kabaka is held hostage by Mayiga and the regime and he does all dirt in Kabakas name with a sole intention of totally destroying the kingdom?


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