Africa’s youth innovations vital in the fight against the pandemic

African Youth Ambassador During the youth training on digital skills and innovations

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to wreak havoc, experts predict that Africa could also be hit hard. African Youth have continued to make efforts to provide solutions to help reduce the spread of the disease and address its socio-economic impact.

It is encouraging to see young people across the continent leading the way in the fight against Coronavirus, and stepping up to help their communities.

They know the future depends on their actions.

Indeed, the youth represent energy, creativity and innovation and should be beacons of hope that can support the community at all times especially in times of such crisis.

Young people are reclaiming power in the face of the pandemic and the powerlessness it makes us all feel.

 Youth-led civil society and movements are acting on an unprecedented scale. We’ve recognized groups which have worked with different stakeholders to stop spread of Coronavirus in the poor neighborhood.

The groups have begun a hand-washing program meant to protect residents from Covid-19 virus. Children and young people make up the majority of the people who are washing hands.

Perhaps universal health Care is important, because the so called super powers have failed at handling a rapidly spreading disease. Time will tell whether we learnt or simply forgot how difficult things were and cross our fingers that it doesn’t happen again.

Remember as citizens had poor health care before this crisis, because our leaders preferred to spend millions to go abroad for treatment rather than fix our local systems.

I appeal to relevant authorities, to open up Youth incubation centers, to always give the young people chance using their fresh energy, and enthusiasm with an African centered spirit to contribute to the development of their respective Nations.

In Africa, access to basic needs such as utilities like electricity or data shows the disparity between the rich and the poor. It’s our youth to revise possible ways and solve current challenges using innovation and technology to save our motherland, Africa!

Let this pandemic give Africa the chance to take charge and reinvent itself, imagine a post- Covid-19 future in which the continent competes on equal footing with the rest of the world.

By Luyimbaazi Issah Katungulu

African Youth Ambassador


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