Archbishop Ntagali Lashes at parents stop defiling minors


Church of Uganda Archbishop Stanley Ntagali has lashed out at parents for neglecting their children.
In his Easter message delivered on Thursday, Archbishop Ntagali said many parents are giving the excuse of work to abandon their own children.
“Too many parents leave the house before the children are awake and return home after they are asleep. Children are not being raised by their parents, but are being raised by house helpers who may not share your values. Children get concerned and think they are the ones who have caused their parents to neglect them. But, that is not true. Children have not done anything wrong. It is their parents who have chosen their own selfish interests and neglected their children,” he said.
The archbishop also lashed at parents who defile minors.
“We can now exercise self-control as God designed us to do when he made us in his image. We are no longer like animals that follow only our instincts and desires,” he said.
He warned that parents no longer have to be enslaved to their selfish decisions saying that parents should emulate Jesus death and resurrection, get the power to exercise self-control since they are no longer slaves to sexual instincts and desires.
He said that the Church of Uganda has declared 2019 to be the Year of Children as a move to advocate for the children.


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