Bad black and Sheilah Gashumba clash over Martinellis Ambassadorship

"I worked for all the money you ever gave me" Black to Sheilah

Bad Black(L) and Sheilah Gashumba (R) during their blissful days.

By Shibah Nasali

It is no doubt that most celebrities have taken it up to themselves to make use of their huge social media followings by influencing brands and advertising for different entities on their different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, twitter, Snapchat etc. Why not earn from their big followings anyway? One of such celebrities is Sheila Gashumba who has earned a lot of money advertising for brands such as Ruparelia Group, Martinellis Champaign and the latest being Yo kuku chicken.

The fact that other celebrities are also milking this same cow does not seem to have gone quiet well with Sheila Gashumba as she recently took to her Snapchat to attack her fellow celebrities for all jumping onto brand influencing. This did not sit well with most of the celebrities that are endorsing brands just like Sheilah. Bad Black and Sheilah have since ensued in a Snapchat verbal way against Matter of fact, Sheilah and Bad Black do not see eye to eye at the moment. As we speak the two Martinellis brand ambassadors are tearing each other apart on social media over who is better at the job.

Sheilah Gashumba’s Snapchat rants.

Sheilah Gashumba spent most of her last evening calling Bad black broke and accused her of always begging her (Sheilah) and her boyfriend; God’s Plan for money. In retaliation,  Bad black accused Sheila Gashumba of being selfish and fighting over a thirty thousand Champaign and to defend herself about acting rich while she low key begs for food, alcohol, hospital bill favours, Bad Black said the money she got from Sheilah was payment for fighting her Facebook battles.

Bad Black fires back.

Over the years Sheila Gashumba and Bad Black have been seemingly friends with each other attending each other’s parties and enjoying each other’s company.


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