Bobi Wine stings the Electoral Commission for failure to produce President Museveni’s academic documents

"When they finally responded, they are speaking in tongues."

Hon.Robert kyagulanyi

By Shibah Nasali

In the past few weeks, social media was awash with academic documents of Kyadondo East Member of parliament and presidential aspirant Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi exposing him to ridicule and scrutiny until he held a press conference to clear the air. Contradicting ages and years of birth, “poor” performance at both A’ and O’ level were basis for strong criticism with many wondering whether he was indeed fit for the office he intends to take up.

 City lawyer; Nkunyingi Mawadda recently wrote to the electoral commission requesting for academic papers of President Museveni to which the Electoral Commission acting Secretary, Leonard Mulekwah responded saying that the president’s academic documents used in the 2016 nominations had been studied enough and did not need any further verification under Section 4 (15) of the Presidential Elections Act, 2005.

This greatly angered Hon. Kyagulanyi who then took to his official Facebook page to accuse the Electoral Commission of “speaking in tongues” instead of producing Mr. Museveni’s academic documents. The legislator expressed dissatisfaction in the Electoral commission’s refusal to release these documents yet it took them no such amount of time when releasing his own academic documents to the public. “A few weeks back, someone working on the regime’s prompting applied to have my academic documents released. In only 3 days, the process to release my documents was already underway.

The same Electoral Commission has taken a month to respond to a request for Gen. Museveni’s academic documents. When they finally responded, they are speaking in tongues. The law does not empower any government body to determine the legality of the reasons given for demand of public documents.”

Hon. Kyagulanyi has called out the Electoral commission as being biased and not serving all Ugandans as fairly as expected of them by protecting president Museveni. “Doesn’t this lend credence to the assertions that perhaps what we have been dealing with for the last 35 years is a complete sham? If it is not, what are they hiding?

As the lawyers contemplate the next course of action, let me remind Mr. Byabakama and all others at the Electoral Commission that they are on trial. Each day, they continue to fail the test and to expose themselves. Ugandans are watching.” Noted Kyagulanyi.


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