BOU CASH SCAM: Government is investigating extra cargo not printed cash as alleged, Says Ofwono Opondo, Who is fooling who?

Ofono Opondo Government spokesperson addressing the ress at the media center in Kampala.The Homeland media Group/Photo

By Nasser Kasozi

Investigating the alleged financial scam at BoU by security agents caused public uncertainty and suspicion as opposed to the merits other than demerits, this has caused a sharp hole in communication strategy and media about to conclude “may be of a hidden motive to divert public opinion over this matter” whoever is managing communication inside government is not doing a good job.

You can’t have parallel communication coming from different institutions and department, on top of dismissing each other. Who is fooling who why do you confuse the public honestly. @OfwonoOpondo maybe the whole intention is to create conspiracy theories ion revelation of something happening inside the bedrooms of BoU or to unearth the professional behaviors and Hyena characters of some Officials with in the bank.

While addressing journalists at the media center in Kampalagovernment spokesperson Ofwono Opondo said that ongoing investigations are centered on extra cargo that was flown into the country. Ofono Opondo’s remarks Contradicts the earlier statements made by police spokesman Fred enanga on Tuesday about investigating BoU Officials in alleged financial scam as out of context.

Ofono Opondo says it was absurd for the police spokesman to say they are investigating money related issues when there are no leads to this.

Specifically, he says authorities are interested in establishing which extra luggage was smuggled on the plane.

“The ongoing investigations have got nothing whatsoever to do with extra printed money that purportedly was dumped in our economy. What went through customs in Uganda shows that there were extra items of 13 other clients who were not part of chattering the plane”, Ofwono retorts.

As such, he says they have asked police to revise its statement.

Asked, what the consignments contained, Ofwono responded that they are investigating respective packages.

“Government is not aware where Mr. Enanga picked his story line. Knowing how police communicates sometimes it should not surprise that false information has slipped through their tongue again”, he adds.

Police Responds

Speaking to The African News Journal, police spokesperson Fred Enanga pointed out areas where the CID detectives and other investigating the alleged scam seeks to establish if there was any illegality committed in the shipping of the said goods. However he says they intend to contact the central bank to establish if extra cash was sneaked into the country.

Governor Mutebile Comments

Commenting on this matter, Prof. Emmanuel Mutebile the central bank governor says 20 pallets contained printed cash while 5 others were unaccounted for.

Mutebile says the reason why he requested for security help is to ascertain why extra cargo was sneaked onto a BOU chartered plane not cash as presumed.


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