Chaos in Minneapolis: Why Trump is guilty

US President Donald J. Trump.File/Photo

By Luyimbaazi Issah Katungulu,

African Youth Ambassador –World African Diaspora Union

Racism in the United States has a long story. From the first days of exploring the America continent up to Independence Day, racism has been existing in the American culture.

Slavery was the cornerstone of the U.S. economy, millions of African workers were abducted from African continent and brought to America and they had to work on the farms as slaves. After decades, they reached this idea that their problems would be solved if the United States becomes independent from Britain. 

They had imagined that Britain was the problem. After Independence Day nothing changed. In the new system they found out that they were still slaves. In 1864, something happened. The Thirteenth amendment to the U.S. constitution opened the new gate from hell to heaven. According to the constitution, all slaves were free.

But this picture was a very big mirage. Millions of the white nationalists started to torture them. Kuklusklans (KKK) stood up everywhere they only wanted to exterminate all African Americans, in the south, things were worse the African Americas were free but they became second citizens. They had to go to specific schools, In front of the white people they should have behaved like a servant. On the bus, they had nowhere to sit.

There are other examples, 100 years after the abolition of slavery, Martin Luther King Jr with hundreds of thousands of people marched and orated a very exciting speech about his dream about real freedom, in 1965, and Congress passed a legislation that gave the right of vote to African Americans.

After this, from 1964 to 1970, some chaos and insurgency in the black neighborhoods caused many white people to reduce their support for the African Americans movement. After this time the world started to change. Internet caused millions of people to promote their awareness of the conception of race.

This did not permit racists to show their desires until Obama was elected as first black American president, after Obama was elected president, some Republican leaders gathered in a hotel in Washington and decided to do everything possible to stop this black president and not let him to succeed. They provoked white people and did sabotage acts. 

Also, more than 100,000 white Americans signed an online petition to secede from the United States. Millions of white people were angry and eight years later they voted to the whitest man that had much rumor about his racist behavior. Trump won the election and started to destroy the legacy of Obama. Kukuluskluns and racists support Trump and he needs their votes.

He encouraged them by his acts like pardoning guilty soldiers who killed innocents around the world. He insults people who do not stand while the national anthem is being played. Most of them are black and they have demands. 

Trump is famous for his tweets. He made many somber remarks and in his recent tweets, he wrote, “When the looting starts, the shooting starts.” This sentence was first used by the racist Florida governor in 1967. Now he proved that everything that his opponents say about him is true. 

He is like a 12-year-old boy who has no knowledge of politics. Henry Kissinger has said dealing with politics is different from a business. Somebody in the White House should remind the president, first learn how to speak to people.


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