Courses Offered at Homeland Media Institute!

According to Nasser Kasozi, the Homeland Media Institute [HMI] would not only benefit practicing journalists but also other students aspiring to excel in the journalism profession and also get skills in technical areas to enable them create and run businesses. The school will train journalists and learners on how to excel in News writing, publishing, electronic media including television, radio and digital as well as production and other business and technical vocational fields.

Come Register, Enroll to study and Learn with the professionals who will inspire you to be a media wizard. THE HOMELAND MEDIA GROUP/PHOTO

By Nakamanya Lukayya

The Homeland Media Institute-HMI, Uganda’s primier institute of higher learning specialised in the teaching and training of Journalism, masscommunication, Entrepreneuship and technical Vocational education is giving you ana opportunity to educate your child at acost shared value.

Applicants are hereby invited to register be admissions for July and august intake are ongoing at the institute campuses located in Kampala, Greenland Tower Basement Floor Room B02A.

The courses offered include diploma and certificate & short courses.

Short Courses:

  1.        Radio & Television Broadcast
  2.        Business & Entrepreneurship
  3.        Strategic Public Relations
  4.        Principles of Management
  5.         Investigative Journalism
  6.         Customer Care
  7.         Information, Communication Technology
  8.         Multimedia Training
  9.         Photography & Videography

Diploma Courses Include:

  1.         Journalism and Mass Communication
  2.         Film and Television Production
  3.         Public Relations Management
  4.          Business Administration
  5.          Information communication & Technology
  6.          Secretarial Studies
  7.          Public Diplomacy &b Global Communication
  8.          Information and Communication Technology
  9.          English Course Foundation
  10.          Higher Education Certificate

Certificate Courses include:

  •      Journalism & Mass communication
  •      Filming and Television Production
  •      Deejaying
  •      Public Relations
  •      Business Administration
  •      Secretarial Studies
  •      Information and Communication Technology
  •      Hardware and software Installations
  •      Art & Design
  •      Computer Literacy
  •      Fashion & Design

Tuition fees range  from 350,000/= to 550,000/= depending on the course and time of study.

Contact the Homeland Media Institute-HMI on e-Mail:  and on our website and digital platforms


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