Deadly Locusts invade Uganda, Govt to spend billions

The insects are devouring crops, with Kenya one of the worst countries to be affected.File/Photo

By The Homeland News Corps

News coming in from Amudat district shows that deadly locusts, which have ravaged parts of Africa including Kenya and Somalia, have finally entered Uganda. The minister of state for Karamoja Affairs Moses Kizige told The Homeland Newspaper that the locusts entered the country through Abwalinga and Ngongosowon villages in Amudat Sub County, Amudat District, on Sunday, February 9, 2020. According to Simon Peter Lodungokol,the amudati district agricultural officer confirmed the incidence and said that the locusts had reached Uganda from Kenyan land. “Dear colleagues at MAAIF and fellow Ugandans, the arrival of the Desert Locusts is now very eminent. I have just received a phone call from my staff on the ground that the Desert Locusts are a reportedly just few miles from AMUDAT District Kenya border. They are currently in a place called Kiwawa in Kenya,” he had posted before the minister’s confirmation. According to the minister Kizige Deadly Locusts are already with in the country and Amudat must be preparing to clear not to allow it escalate to other areas. I will keep you accordingly posted of the developments regarding the Desert Locusts impending disaster,” Kizige added. Last week, the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Resources and Fisheries (MAAIF), said government is stocking pesticides to fight desert locusts. The government is banking on support from Desert Locust Control Organization for Eastern Africa (DLCO-EA) as the threat of desert locust invasion heightens.


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