Fear life insurance at your own risk! Eric Abal gives you a dose of prescription

The writer business strategist and marking professional/The Homeland Media Group Photo

The writer business strategist and marking professional

Ugandans generally value property more than life and we tend to believe that we have forever to live. We all know that as working Ugandans, taking care of our families start with our ability to provide the basic needs that they need while we are alive. These includes shelter, food and water, education, clothing and medical care, etc.. But what happens when we get totally disabled, critically ill, or deceased?

In many cases we have seen families get torn apart once the bread winner is no longer able to provide. And that’s because there’s no more money to hold the family together. Note this, the glue that holds every family together is money. And a family that doesn’t have enough money will always be at war with itself and will never develop.

So how does a family stay progressive and avoid fighting. Simple, make sure that all able adults in that family are bringing in money, even when they die. One doesn’t need to be alive or able to take care of their family; one only needs to be insured.

In Uganda, insurance is still a strange concept to many, and yet each of us needs it. Now, if an insurance salesman approached you, you could give an excuse that you earn little salary or you’re a financially stable business man and don’t need insurance. But what happens to your family when you lose that little salary job, someone grabs your business assets, or fire burns your business, etc. It is at that time when your family will wish that you were insured.

If you still doubt the need for insurance, keep in mind that even the wealthiest people in the world have life insurance; Dr.Shudir Ruparelia, Bill Gates, Jose Chameleon, Bebe Cool, Hamis Kiggundu, Jack Ma and others all are insured with policies of different categories depends on the choice.

So my question to you is this, if these wealthy people have life and medical insurance, what’s your excuse?


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