Finance Minister Bahati on wealth; creation launches household incomes improvement projects in kabale


By Our Reporter

Hon. David Bahati, the State Minister of Finance in charge of Planning on Friday launched numerous household income creation and improvement projects in Ndorwa West County, Kabale district.

Bahati in close coordination with local leaders especially women councillors on the ground distributed in each village 5 sacks of Irish potatoes to women groups ready to capitalize on the venture to jointly elevate their household incomes.

The Minister said the 5 sacks in each village is going  to realize minimum of 40 sacks of ready market Irish potatoes earning at least Shs 6m for each village in every harvests.

“The initiative we are now supporting under Ndorwa West Women Association is to give women in the village 5 sacks of Irish potatoes. These women will be able to realize 40 sacks of sweet potatoes in every harvest which is equivalent of Shs 6m,” said Bahati.

The incomes generated from the project is going to be put strictly for savings, planning and reinvestment to meet the intended purpose of enhancing  household incomes.

“After every harvest, each village group is expected to utilize Shs 2m to buy seedlings for planting and save Shs 4m. The plan shall realize a minimum of Shs 10m within six months for each village women group,” said Bahati.

Each women group was also given additional project starting funds of Shs 1.6m and an insecticides spray pump to control pests.

Bahati said the initiative is based on President Yoweri Museveni’s idea of uplifting the 68 percent of the country’s population still living in subsistence economy.

“The initiative is depended on the message of His Excellency the President to try as much as possible to make a contribution to uplift the 68 percent of households who still live in the subsistence economy,” said Bahati.


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