Foreign Affairs Ministry clarifies on the Viral Video of Ugandans at Saudi Arabian Embassy

Hon Sam Kahamba Kutesa, the Minister of Foreign Affairs

By Joan Tendo

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has clarified on the video that had gone viral on social media, allegedly recorded by a section of Ugandans in Saudi Arabian Embassy, who said that they had been denied entry.

The Ministry said that the high number of cases, arising from the suspension of flights due to Covid-19 cases, slowed down its processes of helping stranded Ugandans.

In a press release which they issued on Wednesday this week, the Department of Public Diplomacy of the Ministry said,

“Some of the women recorded in the videos visited the Embassy on Friday June 26, when the mission was closed,”

They added that, “The Embassy has a shelter which it uses to accommodate stranded Ugandans but its capacity us stretched as a result of a backlog at cases arising from suspension of flights due to COVID-19 pandemic the same is true in the facilities that are being provided by the Saudi Arabian government. It is therefore increasingly difficult to handle new cases”.

The Ministry clarified that all the cases presented at the Embassy, including the women in the video had been dealt with together with other stakeholders.

“Therefore there are no Ugandans waiting or stranded outside the Embassy” the statement adds.

The Ministry has therefore assured the general public that it is committed to ‘discharging its responsibilities’, including protecting the rights and safe guarding the wellbeing of Ugandans in diaspora.


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