Fresh Kid’s father and manager sign management contract


An agreement has been signed between Paul Mutabaazi, the father of Patrick Ssenyonjo, popularly known as Fresh Kid, and his manager Francis Kamoga, aimed at promoting the boy’s musical talent while he remains in school.

Fresh Kid, who is in Primary Two, goes to kampala parents school under a bursary until he completes Primary Seven, offered to him by Sudhir Ruparelia, the owner of the school.  

 According to the agreement that was drafted by Onyango & Company Advocates, the child will study from Monday to Friday and; the manager will only access him on weekends, public and general holidays.

It was also agreed that the child must also be allowed at least 8 hours of rest after performance or training and; he must not perform after 10.00 pm and; he is not allowed to perform in bars or adult themed venues.

The agreement further indicated that it is the responsibility of the father to ensure that the child (Fresh Kid) attends all classes in school and he (Fresh Kid’s father) must accompany his son to all venues of performance.

The father and the manager also agreed that a bank account would be opened in the boy’s names where 20% of all income will be deposited and the child will access it when he is 18 years.

Another 20% will go to the father for his maintenance, another 20% to the manager as his salary, then 30% for management and administration and; the remaining 10% will go to Fresh Kid’s mother.

The agreement also compels a probation and social welfare officer from the Ministry of Gender and Social Development to conduct weekly visits to ascertain Fresh Kid’s welfare.

It was said that a probation officer was also involved because Fresh Kid’s father separated with his mother and the child now lives with father.

Meanwhile, Fresh Kid has also received an offer to promote his music online by a South African company called Ditto Records.  But the deal is yet to be reduced into an agreement also very soon.  


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