Gen.Muhoozi Sends Warning Message to his Ambitious In-Laws!

Muhoozi now appears to target brother-in-law Odrek Rwabwogo over Museveni's succession

Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba is brewing up a family by saying in-laws can never qualify to say anything.

By Agaba Christopher

In what now appears to be a first son-in-law Vs the First son over Presidential ambitions, the former commander of Land Forces Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba has ordered his in-laws to shut up.

In a mid-day tweet on Tuesday Muhoozi said that marrying from their family was not a ticket for in-laws to peddle in the family.

“Let our people not be confused. Jesus Christ our God only flows in our blood. In the family of Amos Kaguta!!! Those who marry into us can NEVER qualify to say anything. Except my brother-in-law Edwin Karugire.” Muhoozi wrote.

It has been five days of Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba sending out quarrelsome messages to his imaginary enemies through his now busy Twitter account.

The First Son has promised to crash his enemies, including journalists at the Daily Monitor newspaper who he described as terrorists.

Muhoozi has not been shy to attack his father’s political party, the National Resistance Movement (NRM), which he said is reactionary and doesn’t represent Ugandans.

The General’s rants all point to his desire to become the next president of Uganda. Fulfillment and implementation of the Muhoozi Project.

While speculators said he is working towards forming a party called National Progressive Movement/Party, he said they have a better name for the new party.

Indeed he said that in the next few weeks, he will make an important announcement, not on Twitter but by other means.

Muhoozi has heightened tweeting about his future leadership of the nation and has already warned journalists “who like to abuse” would not be protected under his reign.

“No body will protect you when we come to power” he tweeted on  Monday.

Last month Rwabwoogo attacking a non named individual used biblical phrases in reference to a son who wanted to kill his father for wealth.

On December 5, he set a vote to his fans asking for retweets on “who want me to be President after my father retweet and like. If you convince me I will do it.”

Yesterday he also posted “My party and Jesus Christ’s party is not called ‘National Progressive Party’. We have a much better name than that!”

But the tweets are reportedly causing unease and his uncle Gen. Salim Saleh has summoned him for a meeting. In April President Museveni and Rwandan strong man, Paul Kagame advised him to ignore tweeter but days later he responded he was not a child to be ordered.


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