Giving your business the right name


By Eric Abal,

A Kampala based Business Strategist

When one hears the names of SafeBoda, Uber, Google, Apple, Toyota, Tesla, Mukwano, NBS, Rwenzori, Facebook, Twitter, Walmart, Ford Amazon, Ali Baba, ., their immense success is all that one can think of. These companies embody success in a way that any individual with a business acumen can appreciate. And while we can all say that a company is always successful for more than one reason, the one reason for success many people don’t know is the name of the business. Manner makes the man, but a good name makes the company.

Every successful business executive will emphasize to trainees that good branding is the key to a successful campaign. This is true, but it’s important to know where a good branding campaign starts. It is my informed opinion that it starts with giving your company a good name! Have you ever wondered how Steve Jobs came by the name Apple? Or how Ricky Thompson came by the name SafeBoda. How did Tesla come to Elon or Microsoft to Bill? It is a thing that many of us who start businesses ignore. When one wants to start a business, it’s important to take the most amount of time to come up with a name that befits the future, alongside perfecting the product or service that the name will represent.

So, how does one tell that they are giving their company a good name. A name can be in any language, but names are meant to be said and they’re symbolic. And for a name to be said, it has to be as straight forward as possible. In simple terms, the name should just roll of the tongue. And there is a formula to test out how easily a name rolls of the tongue. It is about syllables. According to the Oxford Dictionary, a syllable is any number of units into which a word may be divided. For instance, the names Google and Apple are two syllables each. PesaMoni and Ali Baba are four syllables each.

The best names usually have two syllables. But its even better if you can achieve one syllable and it must embody purpose. As a business man, you need not stress over this, a business strategist/ consultant can help you out. So, put your business name to a litmus test, and you’ll see the magic. I look forward to sharing my next article with you!


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