Government starts registration of guns in western Uganda


Government through ministry of internal affairs and Uganda police force has embarked on the process of registration of guns in western Uganda exercise starts with greater Bushenyi region is ongoing to cover the entire western region as a way of getting characteristics of each gun used in the district.

According to SP Martial Tumusiime the greater Bushenyi police spokesperson, the exercise is called Electronic fire rams finger printing aimed at getting data base of every gun such that incase it is used wrongly, police is able to trace and get it.

Martial revealed that the activity which started on Saturday 4th May 2019 is to take place all over the country where they want to register all guns of police, Army, security companies and those owned by people.

He has called upon all people with guns to bring them for registration adding that anybody who will be caught with unregistered gun will be charged with illegal possession of guns.
Martial advised the public to stay calm when they gun shots around Bushenyi town.

The registration of guns is one of the nine guide lines president Museveni gave to curb insecurity when he was addressing the nation on state of security in the country last year.

Museveni realized that there was rampant killing of people using guns and this was immediately after the death of former Buyende district Police Commander Muhammad Kirumira who was shot and died at Bulenga in Wakiso hence calling upon finger printing of all guns in the country.


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