Health Ministry Clarifies on the Viral Video

Mr.Emmanuel Ainebyona, the ministry spokesperson.File/photo

By Kasozi Nasser Akandwanaho

The Ministry of Health [MoH], on Sunday June 28, came out to refute the allegations that had been made by one of the female COVID-19 patient of Masaka Regional Referral Hospital over the weekend.

On Saturday the alleged patient recorded a video, where she claimed that there was poor services offered to female patients at the hospital.

Through a statement, Emmanuel Ainebyona, the ministry spokesperson said that the patient who recorded the video had arrived at the Hospital about two days ago after having been tested and found covid-19 positive at Mutukula border point trying to cross to Tanzania.

“Preliminary epidermiological reports indicate that the patient was trying to travel to South Korea through Tanzania. Unfortunately this did not happen after her sample was confirmed,” reads part of the statement.

According to the ministry, Masaka Regional Referral Hospital organised a 20 bed capacity ward for treating COVID-19 patients.

“However, with an increase in the number of males diagnosed with COVID-19, the Hospital administration took a decision and improvised a temporally structure to cater for female patients as a measure to avert potential challenges that may occur when males mix with females,” the statement adds.

The ministry adds that the patients will be transferred to a well-furnished main ward as soon as the renovation works are completed.

Contrary to what the female patient alleged in the video, the ministry said that all patients in isolation are given sufficient meals in little portions as claimed by the patient.

“The ward captured in the video has a functional electrical and water system, contrary to what the patient alleges. However the hospital administration has pledged intensify waste management to ensure good and proper sanitation at all times,”


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