How to Let go of a Failed Relationship!

Heartbreaks are not easy to deal with and moving on might be difficult some times, below are some ways to get over an ex.


By Aunt Homey

As humans, we have gone through one heartbreak or another. Some left us really devastated, some, we moved on in days.

Heartbreaks are not easy to deal with and moving on might be difficult some times, below are some ways to get over an ex.

Moving on Takes Time.

You will not move on in a day, it takes time. Use the time to better yourself; meet new people, go to new places.  Over time, you forget about the good memories that were keeping you tied to that person. You just stop having feelings for them because you are occupied with other things and meeting new people. That person isn’t active in your life anymore.

Discuss it with people you Trust or Strangers.

After breakups, there is always an urge to open up to people. Spending significant time with  people who matters over the years will make you feel loved. When you also talk to strangers, you feel much better explaining yourself to people who will not judge you.


Allow yourself to cry, it is okay. You can’t always be strong; it is okay to cry about the failed relationship. After crying, you will be able to think clearly, re-strategise, and put to plan how you wish to leave that sad and unhappy place you are in.

Make Plans.

Don’t just cry after that breakup, make plans with people. Go out; visit friends, go to the movies, amusement parks, travel. Just don’t stay alone. It becomes difficult moving on if you keep thinking about the relationship and things you should have done differently.

Stop texting your Ex.

When you keep texting your ex for whatever reasons, you keep putting yourself in an uncomfortable position that might still get you hurt. You are not their enemy, however, it is better to keep off till you are over them.

Block them from your Social Media.

It might become addictive trying to make them jealous or to make them see how happy you are. Why don’t you just block them? This way, when you do start to get out there, you will know there is zero part of you that is hoping your ex will see how  better off you are. You do things for your happiness and sanity, not because of your ex. You can always unblock them when you’re ready to have them back in your life as friends, maybe.

Never Blame Yourself.

There is no need for you to blame yourself for what you can’t change. If there are mistakes you made, forgive yourself and learn from them. Accept that the breakup cannot be reversed and move on.

Never drunk text them

If you have the urge to drunk text them, just hand your phone to your friend. So, don’t go out drinking alone, go with people you trust, this helps to put you in check.

Be Happy Always.

Lastly, find what makes you happy and go for it. Develop yourself, learn from mistakes and keep growing.


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