How to spice up your love life in 2021!

Is your relationship stagnating? Do you need to rekindle the spark? If yes, you have to redirect your course this year with a few simple initiatives. A simple text message enhances the relationship quotient of your love life.

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By Isabella Yvonne Mugeni

 As you begin the year 2021 you need the seatbelt tighter, as a steady driver for the most important part of your life that gives it meaning and is a sole purpose for living LOVE.

Your love life has the power to control the way you exist and relate and therefore, strive not to backslide this year with a few rejuvenating ideas.

Is your relationship stagnating? Do you need to rekindle the spark? If yes, you have to redirect your course this year with a few simple initiatives.

A simple text for example can do the magic. “Sweetie how about me for diner?” a message enhances the relationship quotient of your love life.

There are so many intimate priceless things you can do to sauce up your love life, to resurrect it from dying or to keep it afloat.

Here are some powerful tips to keep it hot always without being too much, just the bare minimums.

1.  Prioritize your relationship:

Don’t let any back seats. You never too busy to let your loved one know of your existence and how much you care for them. Go an extra mile to activate you with other fun based activities.

   2.  Power of touch:

This is a grounding structure for your love life. You should always re introduce yourselves to touch, Kiss, hug, cuddle every instance you get. Take it a notch higher every single time you meet.

   3.  Sex:

 Very essential to keep your love alive, this is a tool to bond you all the time. It can fight all obstacles your way.every chance you get, be as sensuous as possible on text and physically.

  4.  Small sacrifices:

Step out of your comfort zone, step with them into their different hobbies and likes.

 5.  Dress up:

 You recall your first date? When you were dressing to have him an impression of you? Don’t tire to revamp your wardrobe every chance you get.keep it sexy, fashionable, detailed so he has a different view all the time. It’s exciting.

  6. Romantic Bath:

 This sultry gesture will spice you both whether you doing it together or helping the significant other to load off the stress.that bath can be extra with candle lights and romantic atmosphere.

  7. Express your love:

 This gives your partner reassurance; it strengthens their trust in you. The word “I love you” can keep your love glowing.

As much as the above tips are essential for boosting love, character supersedes any love spices one might have for their relationship.

You ought to have an attractive character that can keep you both together, keep your person tolerating you.

According to Kalpana suryakumar a counseling love psychologist from India, she says that much as a couple ought to spend quality time together, they also need some space off of each other so they can miss each other and avoid the constant arguments.

Distance helps them to even solve some of their personal grievances that could affect their relationship.

In addition to that, there a lot more things you can do this year to have an appealing character that won’t be a turn off for your partner.

   1. be independent;

 Every partner wants someone who doesn’t have to depend on them for every little you need to establish your own makes you attractive and gives you importance.

  2. Have gratitude;

 It seems trivial but can actually save your relationship a lot. Don’t take anything your partner does for granted.use every opportunity to say thank you for every treat however small.

Gratitude is something many people this generation don’t have.but it is actually a value worth having for the sake of our partners.

 3. Empathize with them;

 Don’t be quick to judge them.understand them Sometimes, when they are at their lowest or lash out some of their frustrations. Some partners take it for granted but empathy is a virtuous trait.

You will also need to be understood at some point. Don’t take to ignore your partners pain and afflictions or side them could actually be something huge that could cost them and they need you to help them up.

 4. Set the stage.

Don’t expect your partner to hit the sack all the time. The surprises and treats should not be one sided. You also need to be as creative to prepare the love atmosphere you would wish to get.

Life becomes boring if you allow a certain routine to drive your love. Everything seems to weigh the same, very heavy and cheating is given an obvious reason to initiate.

Efforts from your side will encourage your partner to dish out extra spices for your you try to keep the love at its peak, mind to have a character that comforts the position of your partner.

Remember that your love life is a key driver to how you start our day and how you relate with your mates and different people.

Ensure that you give it the needed attention it deserves; activate your bucket list all the list. You don’t want yourself getting worn out for your partner or them getting weary of you.

Its 2021, a new year, high spirits, so your love gears should be set at maximum. Do not settle for anything less than a relaxing love life free from stress and boredom brought about by schedules and routine.

If James is the name you have always referred to him, a “honey” for 2021 will not hurt especially if it’s a new style.

Don’t allow yourselves to get used to each other. Make your together time new and memory filled every chance you get. If its kids that are in the way, space them off your love calendar for just a bit so you can fully enjoy and rediscover your love.

Important to take home, you need more than just love and your feelings to keep your relationship alive.

The initial stages of every relationship are filled with butterflies but as time goes by, these butterflies seem to fly away. It can happen in the shortest time possible, when you least expect it. Therefore extra effort is needed to keep the furnace of your love.

As you effort with actions, don’t forget to voice your every feeling, pain and discontent to your partner.

Share whatever makes you happy and whatever needs a certain direction of revision so your partner is well acquainted with how to make it better every day.

Don’t assume that your partner knows you well or that you know them very well just because you have been 10 years in marriage.

If 2021 is opening the door for a new love chapter in your life, these basics should be easy to take on.

However, even if you are a martial in the field of love, you and your partner might have taken some breaks and it is time you unchained from the bondage to add thrill to that relationship, that marriage or extensive courtship.

It is no secret that every successful relationship is dependent on a healthy dating exercise.

A happy 2021 as you unravel a new experience for you and your partner.


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