IGG Mulyagonja not Interested Investigate Bank of Uganda Scandal


The Inspectorate of Government (IGG) Irene Mulyagonja ordered decline to proceed with a probe on Bank of Uganda officials even when he summoned them to his office sometime back.
The motive by the IGG to stop investigating the mess at the Central Bank remains unknown and has since sparked off debate in top government offices.
Even when an investigative committee of Parliament, COSASE investigated and recommended that top officials in the Central Bank should personally be held liable for the mess caused while closing off seven private banks, the IGG, didnt express interest in the taking the up matter, an official in Presidency who wished not to be named wondered.
He further reasoned, The role of Parliament is to make laws, policies but doesnt implement those laws. Similarly, COSASE spent time in investigating and indeed unearthed the rot. The public itself was sucked into the investigations because it was open on TVs. Indeed, everyone saw that something was wrong.
COSASE wasted taxpayers cash on the investigations we will not allow the case to keep hanging in air. It must be concluded.
But the IGGs office through the Spokesperson, Ali Munira responded that, According to the rule of procedure of parliament, all reports debated by parliament make recommendation to the relevant stakeholders to take action. Therefore, in the event that there are no recommendations then the IGG would most likely not come in.
Asked why would IGG wait for Parliament to seek her intervention yet its the mandate of her office to swing in action investigate and arrest those found liable even before Parliament, Munira highlighted a few cases in which IGG made parallel investigation as Parliament also interrogated those officials named the mess.
Sometimes there are those reports that are debated by parliament but we have our own investigationse.g you recall Kyambogo University, NSSF? Parliament was probing but we were also investigating.
It is against this particular response that this website wondered whether BoU was special for the IGG to decline to conduct her independent investigations on the officials whose names had been mentioned as having participated in the fraudulent closure of seven banks.
The IGGs office has in several occasions come under immense scrutiny by government in the manner how it conducts investigations and why the cases of corruption in government offices have scaled up.
The President last year openly attacked Mulyagonja as useless who has failed to fight corruption.
The President vividly angry commissioned a parallel Anti Corruption Unit from State House led by Edith Nakalema.
The unit is answerable to the President.


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