Internal Affairs appeals to public whose passports were detained during COVID-19 Quarantine to pick them immediately

Jacob Siminyu said the ministry of internal Affairs is stuck with the bulk of Passports whose owners are not seen, he advised the public to pic them with immediate effect.

Jacob Siminyu while addressing journalists at Media center in Kampala. THE HOMELAND MEDIA GROUP/PHOTO

By Ssazi Shafik

The ministry of Internal Affairs has called upon Ugandans who were released from quarantine to pick their passports from the immigration offices.

While speaking in the press conference, Jacob Siminyu, the spokesperson internal affairs said that over 1500 passport are at their offices and the number is increasing now and then.

Siminyu called upon those Ugandans who left their passports to come and pick them. He said that they should come along with discharge letters and receiving slips.

Siminyu also said that boarders will remain open to only those people carrying cargo and those permitted by the ministry of ministry of health, ministry of transport and ministry of internal affairs.

Siminyu more so asked Ugandans to continue applying for passports and said that the normal procedure takes four days whereas express takes one day. He further encouraged Ugandans to be patient and wait for the days as set.

According to Siminyu, ordinary passports cost shs.250000 and Shs 400000 for service passport and Shs 500000 for diplomatic passports.

He advised Ugandans in Diaspora who want to apply for passports to visit their website on  to register and make payments using credit card,

He said that they should request for appointments on the website, and then visit the nearest embassy for interview to confirm that they are a Ugandan.

Siminyu says that the embassy will send the papers to Uganda. Then the embassy where there is no clear services, can issue you a letter and then give the papers to a person you trust to deliver them to the ministry and give them a letter that authorizes them to sign for your passports.

He also said that those foreigners who want to extend their stay in the country are free and advised them to visit the ministry of internal affairs for their extension.


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