Juliana Kanyomoozi to women before you know sex know how to cook!

Uganda's Diva Juliana Kanyomoozi.Photo/Kanyomozi Inspirations

They now call themselves, Bae, Queens, and Boss Lady Etcetera. Women know restaurant menus from back to back but you cannot even boil an egg for themselves. It’s such a shame, you can’t even cook not even Boil water for your man or do House chores for your own naye bakubuuze prices of all Beer brands ebyo obisobola.

When your wife is too lazy in her house chores but too good in bed, your family members will be complaining & you will be like…

You people don’t know this woman well“.

Brother that is Kwekaza She just jumped the basics & that’s a shame!!

MEN LISTEN TO ME – If a woman cannot cook – Don’t pay wedding price .Save the money for Take Always. Let’s not live life like we are climbing a tree from the top. A lady should know the chores before she knows how to break her back in bed.

Source:Kanyomozi Inspirations


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