‘Kabuleta is a ‘Mentally Imbalanced Candidate’ in the 2021 Race

Joseph Kabuleta to run for President. Renown Sports journalist and Mbonye church Minister, Joseph Kabuleta, has declared his intentions to run for presidency come 2021.

Dr. Roy Mayega

The week after Pope Francis’ visit to Uganda, Joseph Kabuleta went on the airwaves of one of the radio stations and this is EXACTLY what he said: “I do not give a damn about the Pope. Even if he were in the room just next to me, I would not bother to say hello.

He is totally useless and inconsequential.” During his entire talk that morning in which he spat fire at all other faiths that did not harbor ‘remnants’, he sounded very angry – like the ‘non-remnants’ had done something so bad that short-circuited a nerve in his nut.

A few months before this incident, he was on record to have smooched the feet of his religious fetish, a self-styled Kampala prophet.

Now, imagine, this same intolerant man wants to become Uganda’s leader. He sounds every inch like an immature political novice that has never heard of the words ’emotional intelligence’. He has a record of hatred for those who are not like him. He often sounds like a rabid, angry, hotheaded, jilted lover with an exaggerated sense of self-importance.

If one cannot deal with small things like inclusivity, how can one tackle large aggregates like the aspirations of a very diverse nation; how would he for instance handle religious leaders who are non-remnants.

He would force everyone to become part of a religious minority group, and with that anger he harbors, he’d kill all those who don’t comply! After all, the people who subscribe to his religion have prophesied thus: “The time has come where no one can win a contract above 100 million when he/she is not a remnant”. Would we, the infidels, win any contract in his regime?

There is no other opposition politician who is as intolerant as this ka-man and I have always wondered why every general election brings up at least one confused mentally imbalanced candidate.

Last time we had Maureen Kyalya; now we have this hate-filled wimp. He represents a clueless privileged elite who have no idea about the lived experiences of common people.

OK, it is totally OK to have your opinions and everyone is entitled to them – but why would you abuse a group of people then come to seek their votes? Isn’t that plain old stupid? I mean, don’t these crunkheads listen to themselves before advertising their obvious deficiencies?


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