Kadaga wants Gov’t to lift lockdown as MPs move to Censor Health Minister Acheng

Hon Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga, the Speaker of Parliament

By Kasozi Nasser

Parliament: The Speaker of Parliament Rt. Hon Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga has called upon the government to consider totally lifting the lockdown since Ugandans have now learnt different ways of living with it.

Kadaga said that people can now live with COVID-19 and there is no reason why the government keeps on maintaining the nationwide lockdown.

“People can now live with covid-19. It is high time for Parliament to get the covid-19 accountability, on what has been done, achieved and losses made,” Kadaga said during a plenary on Tuesday this week.

She said that the government should open up so that people can live within the guidelines instead of suffocating them with the endless lockdown.

“Why doesn’t our people live with this covid-19, and be further taught on various health measurements,”

Kadaga’s remarks came after a section of opposition members of Parliament led by Moses Kasibante of Lubaga North, Ibrahim Ssemuju Nganda of Kiira Municipality and Patrick Ssewungu, moved a motion of censoring the Health Minister, Dr. Jane Ruth Acheng following a photos that were leaked showing her with a gathering, without a mask and no observing of social distance.

“What is the advantage of the lockdown when the Health Minister is seen with voters in large crowds, without even observing the guidelines which she issues,” Patrick Ssewungu said.  

Mbwatekamwa Gafa Kasambya County says that there is coronavirus in Uganda

“What is there is politicians taking advantage of the situation for their selfish benefits, when you move around the country, people are not observing the guidelines but there is no single case that is registered. Where is the Ministry getting the cases that it is registering?” he asked while speaking at a flow of Parliament.

The President announced a countrywide lockdown on March 18, as the measure of avoiding the spread of coronavirus.

Earlier on Today, Lt Gen Henry Tumukunde advised the Dr. Acheng to immediately resign, if she is to keep her reputation and credibility among Ugandans.

“Uganda is on lockdown because of Dr Ruth Acheng’s recommendations but if one of Uganda’s Ministers was seen disregarding her own guidelines, how can she then expect other Ugandans to respect and observe them?” he asked in a social media post

 Tumukunde said that Dr. Acheng should resign for disregarding her own COVID-19 lockdown Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that she recommended and preached to Ugandans on TVs and radio stations


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