Last Meeting, Museveni ‘Dissolves Cabinet’ Bids Farewell to Outgoing Ministers

Since COVID-19 struck the nation, today's cabinet and last meeting will see all the 78 ministers attend and President Museveni will officially dissolve the cabinet and bid farewell to them. He is expected to appoint a new cabinet soon after swearing-in as President on May 12th for another term in Government.

President Museveni to dissolve cabinet as he bids farewell to his ministers in today's last cabinet meeting at state house Entebbe. PPU/PHOTO

By Nasser Kasozi Akandwanaho

Today Monday 3rd may 2021 president Yoweri Museveni meeting with his old cabinet members and ministers for the last time under the term that begun in 2016 ending days to 12th May 2021. The final and last cabinet meeting is currently taking place at State House, Entebbe.

Sources close to state house told the homeland newspaper that, for the first time since COVID-19 outbreak in Uganda, all the 78 cabinet and state ministers have gathered the last cabinet meeting where Museveni will officially bid farewell to them before ‘dissolution of government.’ President Museveni is expected to appoint a new cabinet soon after swearing in as on May 12th.

We have full authority that, President Museveni will chair the last cabinet meeting and later dine with his ministers in what has been termed as the “Last Dinner of Fats.”

Information reaching our desk informs that during the 12th April cabinet meeting, Museveni wished his ministers “Good Luck” saying the next cabinet sitting [3rd May] will be to wrap up on government business ahead of the new government that will be sworn in 12th May 2021.

Since December 2019 President Museveni has not reshuffled his cabinet.

Among the cabinet decisions approved by ministers during the 12th April meeting include; Approval of the Mining and Minerals Bill, 2021 whose objective is to strengthen the Legal and Regulatory Framework for the Licensing and Development of the Mineral Sector; to ensure efficient, equitable, accountable and transparent management of Mineral revenues etc.

Looking forward to sharing with you what transpires in the last cabinet meeting on Monday 3rd at state house Entebbe.

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