Lumbuye Won’t Feed You, Go for Work Says Minister Oryemu

It’s now weeks down since the same minister confirmed that Turkey-based Ugandan blogger would be deported back home.

Henry Oryem Okello, State Minister for Foreign Affairs. Courtesy/Photo

By Our Reporter

The State Minister of Foreign Affairs Okello Oryem has urged Ugandans to focus on looking for survival, not asking about Lumbuye whereabouts.

“People should go around trying to look for their survival, they should work hard to look after their families and increase their household income, not asking about Lumbuye,” Oryem added.

It’s now weeks down since the same minister confirmed that Turkey-based Ugandan blogger would be deported back home.

Oryem, earlier this month revealed that Lumbuye on arrival would be handed over to Ugandan authorities.

However, as the suspect’s whereabouts remain unknown, the government has since kept tight-lipped.

Speaking to NTV Uganda on Tuesday morning, Oryem said, “He [Lumbuye] is alive, people shouldn’t be worried about him.”

“The relevant authorities will at the right time bring him before courts of law,” he added.

Oryem said, “the International community will always want us, they will always need us so they can’t put us under pressure. We can never be shaken.”

Speaking on the same case recently, Police said that Lumbuye was not in their custody.

The force’s spokesperson Fred Enanga, however, revealed that they have 15 cases that they will bring against him once he is handed over.

“We want to tell the public that we have about 15 files on Lumbuye that we are investigating.”

“Until Fred Kajubi Lumbuye is handed to the police, we will make a statement on him and process him along with the 15 files.”

The immigration spokesperson Jacob Siminyu said that he doesn’t have any information about the entry of Lumbuye into the country.

“When we get the information, I will let you know,” he added.

The missing Turkey-based NUP blogger Fred Lumbuye, Minister Okello Oryemu said He is Alive in the safe hands of the Government.

Lumbuye, who has been long wanted by the Ugandan government is known for making reckless statements online via Facebook Live against President Museveni, the first family, Buganda Kingdom, Katikiro Peter Mayiga, and other government personalities.

In many of his vlogs, Lumbuye could be seen donning the popular red beret attached to the people power movement and its supporters in Uganda.

In July 2021, the spokesperson of the Criminal Investigations Department, Charles Twine said that security agencies had intensified efforts in tracking the blogger whom they say was the prime orchestrator of the devastating news of the ‘death’ of president Museveni.

This followed President Museveni’s directive to security services to quickly investigate and follow up individuals who peddle false news on social media.


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