Mesut Ozil offers surgeries to 1000 vulnerable persons globally


By Our Reporter

World’s renowned player and Arsenal’s No.10 Mesut Ozil continues has pledged to support vulnerable people worldwide especially those severe diseases and complications.

The world cup winner, and highly paid player by Arsenal Football Club, announced on Christmas Eve that 219 operations had been done and he was optimistic that with time he will do more to touching and impact the lives of needy and vulnerable persons around the world.

“219 operations are already done, but there’s still many more to come going forward!”

“As my wife Amine and I announced before our wedding in June 2019, we’re covering the costs of another 1,000 life-changing surgeries for children in need around the world.”

“A big thank you goes out to Big Shoe for the amazing co-operation over the last couple of years.”

“Thank you to every single wedding guest, fan and follower who has donated towards this project, and a special thank you to all the amazing international medical teams that are involved.”

“This is just the start! Let’s look forward to 2020, and help hundreds of other children in need all together. Ozil said in an interview with our reporter.


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