Mohan Kiwanuka Family Woes: Police Warn Relatives “We will Arrest you for Demonstrating, Forcing Access to His Home!

It is alleged that the suspects who claim to be relatives of the businessman had gone to pay a visit but were restricted by Police.

Patrick Onyango, the Kampala metropolitan police spokesperson. COURTESY/PHOTOS

By Nasser Kasozi Akandwanaho

The Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson Patrick Onyango has warned that that police will arrest relatives and family members who have become unruly and resort to demonstrations as they force themselves into city tycoon Mohan Kiwanuka home without prior permission granted.

This development is following an illegal demonstration that was staged at the home of businessman Mohan Kiwanuka by some people whom they later learned were his relatives demonstrating at his Kololo Home claiming denied access to their brother.

It is alleged that the suspects who claim to be relatives of the businessman had gone to pay a visit but were restricted by Police after causing a commotion and shouting on top of thier voices at the home of the tycoon’s home.

Patrick Onyango, Deputy Spokesperson, Kampala Metropolitan Police said that they find the relatives’ allegations that they had gone to pay a visit disturbing.

“Why would one go for a visit with the media for coverage and why bang the gate and start demonstrations?” Onyango worriedly asked.

Onyango has also warned members of the media to desist from being dragged into issues they don’t seem to understand and don’t fall within their professional standards. Adding, “Why to escort people who purport to go for a visit but end up demonstrating?”

Yudaya Nabanoba (left) and Jalia Muwanga on right outside the gate of the Kiwanukas-their brother and wife (inset middle) residence in Kololo.

“Nevertheless, the matter is still under investigation, and once complete, we will place charges on those implicated in the demonstration,” he notified.

The feud between Maria and Kiwanuka’s family, which has been going on secretly for some time, went public on Wednesday, November 23, 2022, when they (In-laws) invaded tycoon Kiwanuka’s residence along Prince Charles Drive in Kololo, demanding to see him.

Kiwanuka’s relatives who stormed his residence where they caused a scene include;Yudaya Nabanoba Jalia Muwanga, and Male Nsereko.

A video in circulation showing what transpired at the tycoon’s residence reveals however that when they reached the gate and were denied access, instead of going through the right channels, they banged the gate, caused an unnecessary commotion, and attracted the attention of the media, with intent to invade the privacy of the family.
Shouting on top of their voices, they claimed that Maria was denying them access to Kiwanuka, yet he is their relative, and that she is abrogating their right to visit him, allegations which are baseless and unfounded.
The Homeland Newspaper has since established that initially, Maria was on good terms with her in-laws, whereby they were welcome to Kiwanuka’s residence, just as normal families live.

“They were regular and were all welcome at their brother’s home, like any family members and sometimes, they would call in advance to let Maria know that they were to visit their brother,” the source, who preferred anonymity, said.

“So, Maria would most times send her personal car to pick them up whenever they wanted to come home to visit Kiwanuka,” added the source.

However, things worsened earlier this year, when one day, Kiwanuka’s photo appeared in the media and before long went viral on social media.

The incident happened after some visits by his relatives when the tycoon was recovering from COVID-19.

The incident left the family divided, with counter-accusations about who committed that betrayal of leaking the tycoon’s photo when he was on his sickbed, which is tantamount to invading his privacy.

The source says this incident angered Maria, because she was shocked and traumatized after seeing pictures of her ailing husband in the media, without her consent, something that made her wonder what intentions those who had leaked them harboured.

It should be noted that much as the relatives denied having leaked the photos, they were the only people outside of Kiwanuka’s residence that had access to him, according to the source, something that raised a red flag.

In a bid to sort the matter, the source reveals that Maria initiated a family meeting, with intent to find out who took the photo and why they leaked it to the media.

The meeting resolved that the In-laws all apologise mutually, but the sisters refused to oblige and the meeting ended prematurely.

Since then the two camps have not been on talking terms, which prompted Maria to limit their access to the family residence, so as to safeguard her husband’s privacy.

It is said that the family members vowed not to apologise and assured Maria that they would access their brother no matter what, and when they wanted.

It is revealed that the incident that happened on Wednesday was so far their third one in their attempts to force their way into Kiwanuka’s residence.

All that notwithstanding, another family source reveals that Maria has been so lenient with the family members to an extent that the two sisters live in one of the tycoon Kiwanuka’s house which Maria gave to them when Kiwanuka had chased them away from it.

In the same vein, we have also established that the altercation on Wednesday at the tycoon’s home along Prince Charles Drive attracted the attention of Jinja Road Police, where the trio were summoned because the police are investigating their intentions in the matter involving the leaking the tycoon’s photos on his sickbed.

Other sources contend that if the two warring parties don’t get an arbitrator to diffuse the bad blood between them, then the family members are likely to be booked for another case under the Computer Misuse Act if the photo leakage saga takes new twists and they are found to have been behind the leakage.

Kiwanuka’s family is however not new to controversy, because a few years back the tycoon was involved in a vicious property war with his son Jordan Ssebuliba, who sought to attain powers of attorney for his estate and all companies.

Jordan claimed that his father was suffering from dementia and was therefore not in a position to ably manage the vast estate. However, Kiwanuka successfully challenged his son’s claims in court and was able to retain full control of all his companies, which resulted into a bitter standoff between the two that ended with Kiwanuka evicting Ssebuliba from his building along Akibua Road in Nakasero.

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