MOSES MAGOGO: The Paradigm Shift Between Old school & Modern Football!

FUFA president Moses Magogo


Old School Football

This was about passion, sporting ego and talent.

It generated nostalgia and entertainment for the fans.

The more talent the more championships

Players did not make money as we see many formerly great entertainers (star players) now living in poverty

Modern Football

This is about tactics, science, technology, and professionalism.

This generates money for the industry players but has killed the football passion and Entertainment

The richer the more championships

We see many less talented players having earned and invested from Football earnings

World Challenge

You can use the world as a sample space.

Observation & Opinion

Professionalism for players makes them more money but kills their passion.

Passion has no price

It is my observation and Opinion. You can have yours too.


Don’t we need to strike a balance for the posterity of the beautiful game?

Or do we need to device regulations that can allow the talented footballers to return to dictate the game without losing the professionalism?

The Author – Magogo Moses Hassim is the FUFA President, CAF Executive


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